Don’t Be Afraid to Do the Work

When I wrote my book, LIFEGUARD, I specifically wanted it to be a book and workbook in one. My vision was for readers to learn about my personal struggles and to dive right into their own issues. Putting it all in one place made sense to me. Why make a separate workbook when my main goal was to help people? Putting the two parts within the same cover was my way of involving readers with an interactive piece.

The idea is different, but I feel like it’s also the thing that makes this book function as a pathway to engaging others. I didn’t want my readers to follow along with my story, recognize similarities to their own lives, and simply move on. I wanted them to connect and react. I wanted them to dive in to become their own lifeguards. The paperback version even provides space for writing on the pages of the workbook section.img_6406

Here’s something that I didn’t anticipate- people aren’t always doing the work. They’re reading through the workbook section. They’re even giving the questions some thought. However, I’m learning from readers’ feedback that many folks are afraid to actually analyze their lives. They aren’t taking the time to really let those questions marinate, to honestly consider their strengths and areas of concern. I understand! I remember how long it took for me to finally take a hard look at myself.

I’m here to tell you- do the work!! That’s why those questions are there. That’s why I put it all in one place. You’re worth the time. You’re worth the effort. img_6405-1

One reader commented that she is taking her time with each one of the five main questions. She plans to work her way slowly through the five areas, which will allow her to focus specifically on one concept at a time. She said that she wanted her answers to “stick” and change her life for the better.

Grab your favorite pen and write all over the pages of that paperback. What about the Kindle version? One Kindle reader had an excellent idea. She copied and pasted the questions in the Notes section on her phone so that she could work on the questions at any time.

I don’t care how you do it, just DO IT! Give yourself the gift of authenticity. Give yourself the gift of self-awareness and self-love. You won’t regret it!

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