JoBros- Round 2

I mentioned that I first saw the Jonas Brothers in 2008 when we were all a little younger. My concert buddies for that one were a teenager, a pre-teen, and a 5-year-old. I enjoyed every second of that show- well, except for the initial freak out that my youngest had when she heard concert level noise for the first time in her young life. The earplugs worked. She was eventually brave enough to take them out and cheer along with the crowd.

I was a parent in that audience, and I was a parent in the audience last night at the show in Tulsa. It was a little different this time. My concert buddy was one teenager- that little 5-year-old girl- who has been to enough concerts to understand how it’s done now.img_7650

My husband chose not to attend the concert with us, but he came along to serve as a driver. This guy doesn’t require the sleep that Angelina and I need. We all had work and school the next day, so we planned to catch a few winks on the way home. Ken found a park to get in a few miles for a trail run, then a cafe across from the concert venue where he had a slice of cheesecake while reading a book. He’s a gift, I’m telling you. Find a mate like Ken!

After he dropped us off, we stopped in a cute little sweet shop to grab a cupcake to eat while we waited in line. img_7662Strawberry for me. Oreo for Angelina. Once we made it into the venue, we were on a mission to get a concert shirt (we decided to share one since we won’t wear it at the same time) and drinks before finding our seats. Some friends had seats near us, so we posed for a group photo with the stage in the background. A venue host was kind enough to snap another one with the two of us.

Then, we waited. The opening acts were Jordan McGraw (you know, Dr. Phil’s son) and Bebe Rexha. I knew nothing about McGraw before this, but his set was great. With Bebe, I didn’t realize that she wrote for others as well as herself. I knew more of her stuff than I expected. The deejay had everyone up and singing until those house lights went down one final time.

The Jonas Brothers took the stage to wild screams, and they were soaking it all in. I’m not going to give away a bunch of spoilers because you need to experience the show for yourself- if you can. I had the sense that they were feeling grateful- to be able to play together again and to have fans who still loved them.

They opened with Rollercoaster and delivered song after song after song. They played everything from the old, nostalgic songs to the newest hits. Cool. Love Bug. Only Human. SOS. Burnin’ Up. Sucker. The list goes on. Throughout the almost hour and a half show, they were intimate in the vast arena as they walked to the sides and down the middle to a large circular stage that rose high above the crowd. The wardrobe color scheme and set design gave off the vibe to complement the message of the show, which was Chasing Happiness.

We sang loudly. We danced wildly. We clapped and screamed along with the crowd. Most important- we made memories. And, those memories were well worth the tiredness we felt today. That was nothing that a little nap after school couldn’t cure. It’s not every day that you get to go with your daughter to see the Jonas Brothers for the second time!



  1. I saw them in my hometown, Buffalo, NY and I thought they were amazing. The 13 year old girl in me was so happy. Joe was a ball of energy. Im glad you guys enjoyed the concert.

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      1. I loved every bit of it- the wardrobe, the video scenes, the music! Kinda wishing I had tickets to another one! My daughter saw them in Orlando with seats similar to yours. My son caught the Chicago show.


      2. The friend that I went to the concert with went to another show in detroit. I loved the video scenes. Did you see Kevin’s daughters in the video scenes? They were so adorable.

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