coverWhen my kids were little, they often tried to tell me that they were bored. I had one response for them every single time.

You’re only bored if you choose to be!

The whole idea behind that comment was to teach them that they were in control of their activity levels. If they wanted to be calm and read a book, do it. If they wanted to paint, find the brushes. If it was time to play a sport, go for it. Being bored was a choice. They held the power to change that feeling.

Stanza7*During the lockdown part of the COVID pandemic, I often thought about little kids and that notion of feeling bored. That’s when I came up with the idea to co-author a children’s book with my son, Zane, who is also a writer and illustrator. The result is our fun little story about a boy who learns from his mom (imagine that!) how to solve his boring problem.

As a teacher, I see possibilities for this in the classroom. As a parent, I know my kids would have wanted this read at bedtime every night. As a former kid, this would have been my kind of book.

See for yourself- order your copy today- exclusively through Amazon- using this LINK.

It’s available in paperback or for your Kindle, although I prefer the paperback version for kids.

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