You Made Me Cry

I’m receiving a lot of feedback about my self-help book, LIFEGUARD. Comments are positive, and I couldn’t be happier about that! People appreciate that it’s a quick read with an accessible story. An Amazon reviewer gave the book a Five Star rating! FIVE STARS! She also noted that the book was thought-provoking. YES! That’s the whole point of the book- to make readers think!

img_6382Want to know the number one comment from readers? They tell me that I made them cry! I tried to connect with people, and that emotional response proves that I succeeded. However, I don’t think readers are crying because of my story.

I believe that readers are crying because they see themselves in my story. They’re crying for the person that they used to be. They’re crying because they realize that they are lost- maybe for the first time. They’re crying because they are hoping for a change in their own lives.

My story isn’t that unique. I kind of feel like I am ‘every person.’ My journey isn’t so far out there that people can’t relate. My walk becomes their walk. My growth towards a more authentic life becomes their growth.

I take the tears as compliments. I hope my readers feel some kinship with me. I’m the messenger with the good news! Even if you’re feeling lost in your own life, you can become your own lifeguard.

Interested in reading the book/workbook? Click HERE!


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