The Donut Hole

We recently spent some time in Florida to visit our oldest daughter who lives in Orlando. We took the road trip along the coast of the Atlantic on the way there. As we traveled back home, we took the Gulf Coast route. Wherever we travel, we love to try local restaurants as often as possible. Of course, the actual road trip itself calls for those chain places that are reliable for decent food and clean bathrooms. Think Chik-fil-A or Panera. We also discovered Slim Chickens as a yummy fast food option on the way to Florida.

It was my first time in the Destin, Florida, area. I have heard about Destin for what seems like ever! It’s a popular vacation spot for folks from our hometown. People wear Destin souvenir shirts and post pics on Facebook of their vacations there. I love a good beach, so I was excited to check it out.

img_6336A friend of our teenage daughter recently visited with her family. She recommended a place called The Donut Hole. Oh my! The enticing options in this place were incredible. We didn’t realize that they served actual meals until we stopped in to grab donuts and dessert. I spied the dishes on a few tables as we waited in line to be served at the counter and the food looked delicious!

img_6335We chose to take some dessert back to the hotel as well as donuts for the morning. I’m a sucker for key lime pie, so my choice was easy. Ken chose carrot cake. The slice was enormous! Angelina picked a brownie. We took glazed, chocolate, and maple donuts as well as fresh peach turnovers for breakfast. Every single bite was so tasty! I’m telling you- if I could have turned that car around to get more goodies from The Donut Hole, I think I would have done it!

For now, I’ll have to put this on our list for the next time we stop in that area! There are three locations- Destin, Inlet Beach, and Santa Rosa Beach. I may need to try each one!

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