Traveling Clothes

Our family loves to travel. Our traveling style isn’t the typical vacation for relaxation that many people love. We typically have a mission when we travel. Sometimes, we head to a marathon or a volleyball event. Other times, we visit our older kids who happen to live in some pretty interesting cities. It’s rare for us to simply go somewhere just to sit at a resort. As a matter of fact, I can’t even think of a time that we have done that. We just aren’t that family.

We currently visiting Florida to spend some time with our older daughter. She is a cast member at Disney World, which makes the trips to see her even more magical.

Packing for trips can be tricky, but not when you put Peach in the luggage!

For this trip, most of the items I packed were Peach. I’m telling you- vacation style has never been easier! The pieces work well together, but there’s something even more important than that. The clothes travel well. They hardly wrinkle. I’m able to grab certain pieces out of the suitcase without even plugging in the iron.

Peach clothes are also incredibly comfortable. I’m all about looking cute, but feeling comfy. Peach allows me to do that whether I’m at home or on the go.

Here are a few of the Peach pieces I’ve worn so far in Florida with links to find your own!


The Hermosa dress with that adorable palm tree print fabric is perfect for Florida.


This Cruz Tank is on SALE! The blue color I’m wearing is sold out, but there are still tanks left in Black and Mojito Green (which is more like a light yellow).

The Cabana Skort I’m wearing is Moss Green. It also comes in Black.


I absolutely LOVE the tank I’m wearing in this pic. I also have the leggings made from the same fabric.

The Bahia Skort that I’m wearing is super similar to the Cabana one in the previous photo. It also comes in White.


I bet you recognize this background! I’m wearing the Trinidad Tank, which also comes in white.

These are just a few of my vacation-friendly Peach pieces. I packed everything from dresses to casual shorts and leggings- even underwear and bras! I guess you could say that this is a Peach-y trip to Florida!


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