Book Launch: LIFEGUARD

Friends- I’m super excited to tell you that I have a BOOK to share with you–for sale exclusively on Amazon in paperback or for your Kindle!!img_5559

I don’t know about you, but I went through a period in my life that left me treading water and just trying to survive the daily chaos. Somewhere along the way, I lost myself. That’s why I wrote this self-help book. LIFEGUARD is a hybrid book, of sorts. I share my journey of existing without really living and the five questions that I examined in order to find myself. Then, I open it up for you to explore the same five questions to shed a little light into your own life. Part personal story, part workbook, one goal- better awareness of self.

“My life just became a series of expectations that were met. All of it, I delivered. That’s just how I operated. I was fine. I was content. I was happy. Until I wasn’t.”

Powerful words. Words that resonate with many, maybe even you. Follow my personal journey that tells how easy it was to exist just beneath the surface.

img_5575“I discovered the harsh reality of anonymity in my own life. I also knew that I held the power to save myself.”

While trying to bring myself back to a meaningful life, I developed a series of five questions that served as the life preservers. Personal exploration through those questions led to some surprises and confirmations that ultimately provided a more authentic life.

The tables are turned in the second half of the book. Your role moves from reader to explorer as you dive deep to find your answers to those same five questions. The paperback version provides space for writing in the book. However, with the Kindle version, you’ll want to have a device or journal handy as you work your way through the questions.

My hope is that you’ll read the book, relate to pieces of my story, and do the hard work with the questions for yourself. Maybe you’ll find some beautiful parts of yourself that you thought were lost for good. Maybe you’ll realize that this life is tough and it’s time to reach out to someone you trust for help. It’s time for all of us to stop ignoring those life preservers.

img_5581“If you’re willing to put in the honest effort, you may discover a better understanding of your strengths and those areas of concern. I bet you’ll be surprised by some of your virtues and find that you’re more courageous and powerful than you ever imagined. You will recognize your Achilles heel with the awareness that it’s not your identity. In the end, I hope you’ll learn to celebrate you for the gift that you are, hidden down below the surface. Are you ready to grab the ring and become your own lifeguard? C’mon- dive in. Let’s do this!”

Click HERE to order your copy of LIFEGUARD today!


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