Thanks for the Book Love

img_5619You guys- it’s only been a few days since my official book launch for LIFEGUARD. I’m overwhelmed with gratitude! The love I have received has been completely amazing. My goal with this book– with putting this piece of my life out there– was to help others. I know that there are folks who are struggling to stay afloat and maintain some sense of self through all of the chaos- just like I was.

It doesn’t mean that we’re weak. It doesn’t mean that we can’t cope. It doesn’t even mean that we hate the chaos. It simply means that we need to put ourselves back in the game. We can’t lose sight of who we are in the process of living life.

I hope you’ll give the book a read and really take the time for yourself with the workbook pages. You’re worth it!

To order your copy, click THIS LINK

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