What If…I Stopped Obsessing About Change

It’s 2020!🎉I’ve had a few days to adjust to the new year/decade. Do you remember the days of writing checks and feeling the need to concentrate on writing the accurate date? I know I had to initial the year more than once when I botched the date early in a new year. Thank goodness that I can use debit cards or Venmo or pay 💰online for most purchases these days. I do kind of miss picking out the perfect design for my checks, though. That was fun.😀img_9955

I’m not a fan of making grand💥resolutions for the new year. Truth be told, I’m not so great at sticking to them. Sound familiar? Oh- I have the best of intentions when I embark on a new goal. It’s just that short-term 🌟goals are a better fit for me than long-term goals. I become distracted, sometimes disinterested. 😬I might even find a new goal that causes me to abandon the original goal altogether.

I stumbled upon the idea of choosing one word to guide my year awhile back. That concept was something I could do. 🙌🏻Want to know something funny, though? I have changed my word as the year moved along. More than once!😜I switched it one year because I just couldn’t connect to the word. I liked my previous word better, so I just went back to that one. Whatever works, right?img_9956

Going into 2020, I knew that this year will hold change. ✨I even started things off with change as we moved to a new 🏠house just as 2019 ended, and 2020 started. Everything about that screamed change. New neighborhood. New 🚗drive to work. New noises in the middle of the🌛night. New 🛋furniture in new rooms. Change, like I said.

I’m not a big fan of change. I’m an overthinker. It would be fair to say that the Queen 👑 of Overthinking! Give me any situation. I will turn it over and over and OVER in my brain until I have exhausted every single possible issue, outcome, or prospect from it. I can’t help myself.

This year is going to be different. 👍🏻This year I will be 😀ready and open to change. I will be excited about 🌟change. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that my tendency to overthink is going to magically🔮 disappear. I’m just going to work WITH it rather than letting it dictate my life. 🙌🏻

With change as my word for 2020, I will try my best to leave my worries behind. I’m not supposed to worry anyway, right? It is wasted energy. 😬img_9958

You’ve probably heard this phrase:

“whatever will be will be”

I know that it’s true. Even with all of my overthinking, I know that I’m really not in control. 🙌🏻I’ve lived long enough to see the ❤️miracles in change. The beautiful 🌸miracles. The necessary miracles. Even the frightening ones.

With that idea of change leading me into this new decade, I’m going to change things up with my Sunday writings as well. While I’m still a fierce defender of self-care and self-help (I wrote a BOOK  📚about it, after all), I feel like there are other things to share.💞Thinking out loud, so to speak. 🤔Wondering “what if” about the big things and little details of life.❓

With that in mind- WHAT IF…I stopped obsessing about change? I have a feeling that I can do it! We can do anything we want!

So- here’s to all of the❤️ changes that 2020 holds! Let’s do this!💪🏻

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