Downsizing- Part 2

If you ever decide to move over the holiday season, bless you! If you ever decide to move from a house where you lived for 17 years at the same time your family goes to Florida for Christmas AND your youngest daughter has a volleyball tournament out of town for the very weekend that you return from Florida, I offer double blessings. Maybe quadruple blessings.

We officially moved into our new home on December 30. It is January 10, and we finally used the stove. Hey- good news- it works! I even went to the grocery store this evening to get some things for the cupboards and the fridge. Progress!

The furniture is in the right room- for the most part. We ordered a new couch from Ashley Furniture with a chaise that will look perfect in front of our new fireplace. It will look perfect when the RIGHT one comes in. The one that was delivered has the chaise coming out the wrong side, which doesn’t work with the location of the fireplace and the kitchen bar. I know- First World Problems! Ashley is making it right by allowing us to use this backward couch while they make a new one.img_0029

Side note- have you ever ordered from Ashley? Great pieces. Stylish designs. Decent prices. LOOONNNGGG wait for your furniture. We ordered it in November! Good thing we didn’t need it until January. Fortunately, we don’t have to wait as long for the replacement. And, as I said, they happily worked with us to correct the error. So, no hard feelings.

Things are looking up. We finally have a weekend at home- all three of us! Want to know something even better? Snow is in the forecast, which means that we will be stuck inside. Want to know what else is inside this new house? Boxes! The piles are slowly getting smaller, but I have hope that we may be able to make this house actually look like someone lives here by the time the weekend is over. We might even hang a few things on the wall. A girl can hope!

img_0025Even though we haven’t ventured into each box, the few we have unpacked have revealed that we have way too much stuff! We thought we scaled it down before we moved. We sold things. We donated others. Some stuff went straight to the trash. And- we STILL have too much stuff. During the weekend organizing spree, we plan to take a closer look at the things we brought to this new house. We’re using the fresh eyes of people who haven’t even seen these items for weeks- and we haven’t missed them. Do we really need them? Probably not.

We have also discovered something pretty awesome about this new space that isn’t really functioning as a house yet. It feels peaceful. It feels cozy. It feels like home. Downsizing was the right decision for our family in this season of life.

Wish us luck! Those boxes aren’t going to unpack themselves.

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