Self-Care Sunday: Let It Be

Screen Shot 2019-10-30 at 9.10.42 PMI’ve always loved music 🎸by The Beatles, but I haven’t listened to much of it lately. Sir Paul McCartney was a guest on 📺The Late Show recently. His discussion with Stephen Colbert sparked a renewed interest in the classic Beatles works.

The Beatles provided much of the soundtrack to my youth.  The Beatles and The Rolling Stones could be heard day and night in our household. My favorite 📀albums by The Beatles switched often. I loved Rubber Soul. Doesn’t everyone enjoy Abbey Road? Or at least the photo on the cover? That album hangs in a frame along with several others in what has come to be known at our house as “The Rock-n-Roll 🛁Bathroom.” My love 💜for the Beatles wasn’t limited to music and framed album covers, though. I even had a 👕t-shirt with the album cover of Revolver on the front. Certain songs had to be played to match whatever emotions I might be feeling- teen angst, young💖 love, heartbreak, 💔confusion,🙃celebration.🎉


“Hey Jude”



“In My Life”

“Penny Lane”

Screen Shot 2019-10-30 at 9.14.33 PMOne song 🎹always stood out, though. That song was Let It Be. There’s just something about that one. I just can’t put it on as background music. I need to listen to the lyrics, to really hear the words.

There will be an answer, let it be

Those are powerful words. They always force me to 🤔pause, to hold onto that idea. There will be an answer. It is said that McCartney wrote this song about his mother, who passed away when he was a young teen. It holds the promise of the 🌟future. It provides hope for the new day. It gives strength 💪🏻to leave our troubles behind in 🙏🏻faith.

As a self-confessed 😬worrier, I’m not good at waiting for the answer. Right up there with my worry habit is a pretty strong penchant for control. Put those two together and there’s a girl who can’t easily “let it be.” I am a person of 😇faith. I have hope. I consistently look for the silver 🌤lining. I honestly feel positivity 🙌🏻in my life. It’s just that those things don’t come without heavy doses of worry and a thirst for control.

The song is true, though. I know it is. Even when I’m consumed with worry, there’s this underlying sense that there will be an answer.

Speaking words of wisdom, let it be

It’s as simple and complex as that.

Self-Care Sunday tip: let it be. Whatever is bringing the worry into your life, try to let it be. Trust that there will be an answer. 💖Let it be.

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