Go for the Silver

I recently let you in on the gem I found on the Today website during my lunch hour. During these segments called Quoted by…with Hoda, Hoda Kotb talks with guests about the quotes that guide their lives. The webisode featuring Antoni Porowski from Queer Eye spoke to me. It also fueled Screen Shot 2019-10-30 at 8.19.52 PMmy thirst for more inspirational quotes from my favorite celebrities.

In keeping with the Queer Eye theme, I watched another segment with Jonathan Van Ness. Anyone who watches the Netflix show knows that Jonathan has a zest for life and an over-the-top enthusiasm that is contagious even from the screen. I’m a fan of his podcast- Getting Curious- as well.

This chat proved to be a game-changer, just like the first one I watched.

Click the link- you’ll see what I mean.

Quoted by…with Hoda and JVN

Did you hear it?

I didn’t lose the gold, I won the silver.

Let that sink in for a moment.

I didn’t lose the gold, I won the silver.

Isn’t that motivational and freeing at the same time?

Screen Shot 2019-10-30 at 8.30.06 PMHow many times have you metaphorically earned the silver in life, yet not feel satisfied? Why? Why is it bad to win the silver? Why is it wrong to work hard for something- to lay it all on the line- and be proud of the end result? Is the gold or first place truly the only way to feel worthy?

I say, NO! There is absolutely nothing wrong with silver! You want to know why? The answer lies within you!  No one else can do what you do. No one else can show up and deliver the talent you have to share. No one else, but you.

Silver should be enough if we know we earned it. If you gave everything you have to give. If you worked to the best of your ability. If you took a crappy situation and turned even part of it around. Take that silver and own it!

Don’t lose the gold. Win the silver!

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