I Am Enough, I Have Enough.

My lunch hour isn’t really an hour. It is supposed to be 24 minutes. Supposed to be. I’m a middle school teacher so that 24 minutes includes a lot more than eating lunch. Any teacher will tell you this fact- if there’s a spare moment, fit in a quick trip to the bathroom. You never know when that might happen again before your plan time or the end of the school day, whichever comes first. How about making copies for class? Meeting with another teacher? Chatting with your principal? Tutoring a student? Grading papers? You get the idea.

I try to have some quiet time during my lunch break. I’m not one of those teachers who goes to the lounge- I use that term loosely- to discuss the woes of my morning or which students were unprepared for class. I like to catch up on the news of the day, watch some short videos online, or read. It is often my only quiet time of the day- including my time outside of school. I take whatever minutes of my 24 that I can get.

I watch Today every morning when I’m getting ready for work. The cohosts feel like old friends because I start my days with them. We drink coffee together! I love them all for the variety of personalities they bring to the table, but can we talk about Hoda Kotb? She is like a ray of sunshine. Who doesn’t love Hoda?

During a recent lunch “hour,” I stumbled upon a segment on the Today website called Quoted by…with Hoda. The basic premise is that Hoda sits down with a celebrity to chat about a quote that provides motivation. I know that I’ve mentioned my love for those happy do-gooders from Queer Eye before, so I was excited to see Antoni Porowski featured on a segment.

Screen Shot 2019-10-30 at 8.03.18 PM

As I watched the piece, I instantly understood the ways that his quote provided guidance to his life. Antoni and I live very different lives, yet the same words spoke to me as well.

I am enough, I have enough.

That simple phrase hasn’t left me since I watched the segment. 

I am enough, I have enough. 

Those words have worked their way into my daily thought process. They have become the answer to questions. They have served to guide everything from my interactions with others to purchases I consider. You might say that the words are enough.

What about you? I hope you can also say I am enough, I have enough.

Here’s the clip to watch for yourself. Enjoy!

Quoted by…with Hoda and Antoni Porowski


  1. It is a great concept , I read a quote that says ‘ life on earth is its own reward’ inspirobot


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