Self-Care Sunday: Be Still

Have you ever noticed how much better you feel when you give yourself a moment? A moment to pray?🙏🏻A moment to meditate?😍A moment to gather your thoughts?🤔There’s power in stillness.

img_6944It’s also tough to find stillness in life. I try to set aside time for quiet reflection, but there are just some days, you know? Some days that I can’t even squeeze in one more thing. Some days that I can’t slow down the race long enough to think. Some days that I can’t silence the noise. I need to do better! How about you?

I know people who get up early every morning to give themselves that time.🌸 I know people who go for hikes or long runs to give themselves that time. I know people who sneak in quiet moments during their lunch hours.🍴 I know people who end their days will stillness and reflection.🌛 

For this Sunday Self-Care tip: simply be still for a moment. It doesn’t matter what your stillness looks like- just give yourself that gift!🎁 

(Photos are from Cave of the Winds in Manitou Springs, Colorado. If you ever have the opportunity to visit- do it! Beautiful, peaceful, mysterious, and still.)

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