Self-Care Sunday

I love the idea of slowing down to focus on myself. I’m trying-honestly, I’m trying. It’s just that life moves so fast, and I’m involved in so many moving pieces. I can’t truly shut myself off from the rest of the world. Truth be told, I wouldn’t even want to do that. I thrive on the hustle and bustle of my daily life. Throw it at me- I’ll try to catch it!

I think that I’m exactly the kind of person that Self-Care Sunday was meant for.

Self-care isn’t a bad thing. Taking time- even a little bit of time- to focus on self will end up benefitting all areas of your life. That short fuse? It’ll become longer. That anxious feeling? It’ll become calmer. Those endless to-do lists? They’ll seem more manageable. The constant household chores? They’ll become less frustrating.

Am I suggesting that a few minutes of self-care will magically change your universe? Heck NO! But- hear me out on this one- it might just rock your world for a few minutes. Sometimes- that’s all it takes to bring on a new you, a fresh outlook, a different perspective.

I’m jumping on the Self-Care Sunday bandwagon, and I’m not feeling the least bit guilty about it! I’m worth it. Guess what else? YOU’RE WORTH IT!! I discovered this whole thought process while I was writing my book (LIFEGUARD- available through this Amazon link.

img_6383-1Don’t disappear from your own life. Take the time for yourself. Watch that show. 📺Take that walk.👟Listen to that podcast.🎧Bake those cookies.🍪Read that book.📚

My Self-Care Sunday tip: make the effort to stay connected with your people! My older kids live hundreds of miles from home,🏡 but we do a pretty great job 👍🏻of staying connected. 😍Random texts, FaceTime, Marco Polo video chats, Instagram, and good old phone calls make it easy. With family and friends in town, there are simple things like going out for ice cream dates, taking a walk, watching a game, having a conversation! Make the effort!  🙌🏻

I’ve started sharing my Self-Care Sunday tips through my Instagram account. I’ll share my tips here as well. What about you? How do you show self-love?

Let’s connect on Instagram, too. Follow @sharingthestairs


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