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because life has ups and downs…

Transform 20

I’m trying something new, friends. Over the past year, my fitness routine has taken a back seat. I’ve been so far back that I should probably say that I’ve been … Continue reading

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Not Acting My Age

According to my middle school students, I don’t act my age. When they try to guess my age, they typically begin in the thirties. I remind them that my oldest … Continue reading

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Running the Stairs

I’m taking this return journey to fitness seriously. I jumped back in at the beginning of May and have only missed two days. Not bad for a girl who couldn’t … Continue reading

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My Decision to Become a PEACH Stylist

I’m going to be really transparent. I never thought I would represent a brand online ever. EVER. I wasn’t the kind of person to jump on that train. I was … Continue reading

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My Yoga Mat and Me-2.0

I’m a girl who likes to mix up my fitness routine. I could say that it’s because I’m working different muscle groups or I’m using a plan from my trainer. … Continue reading

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Learning to Love My Yoga Mat

  It’s important to change up my fitness plan. I like to think I do that because it’s better for my overall physical health, but it’s probably just a result … Continue reading

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One of Those Days

Must. Run. Daily.  That’s the mantra.  At some point during the day, maybe before breakfast or maybe after work, there’s going to be a run. The distance may vary, but … Continue reading

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