My Decision to Become a PEACH Stylist

LogoI’m going to be really transparent. I never thought I would represent a brand online ever. EVER. I wasn’t the kind of person to jump on that train. I was the person who scrolled right by any post with a product name in it. If I allowed a “friend request” only to discover later that my new “friend” was selling lipstick or lotion or candles, I felt duped. These folks didn’t want to see my family photos. They wanted my business.

So, it’s a bit of an ironic situation that I find myself putting on the conductor cap for my own marketing adventure. You’re probably wondering why I decided to go for it. The answer is fairly simple. I found a company that I could get behind.

Peach is an apparel and accessories brand with elevated athleisure looks at fabulous prices. I have a crazy busy life and try to fit in some kind of workout every day, so that appealed to me. I’m also all about style and comfort, so these amazingly cute clothes are a perfect fit for my vibe. There’s just something about that perfect pair of leggings or that dress with pockets, am I right? Screen Shot 2018-03-24 at 12.57.55 PM

The best thing about the company is the heart! These women strive to be inspiring, thoughtful, and authentic. These are real women working to uplift others. Our family lives in a community that was hit by a natural disaster a few years back, so I know what it means to have others reach out. The women of Peach did just that following Hurricane Harvey with donations of underwear (which you can find on the site) and money. See what I mean? A company with a heart.

When a company encourages an active lifestyle, promotion of women, and philanthropy, you bet I’m jumping on that train!

Shop my link and see for yourself!

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