Learning to Love My Yoga Mat


IMG_4993It’s important to change up my fitness plan. I like to think I do that because it’s better for my overall physical health, but it’s probably just a result of my short attention span. Yep- I tend to get bored easily. My mind might wander away from the purpose of my workouts. There are definitely those moments when I’m in the zone during a run. If I’m being honest, though, there are also those moments when I’m preparing my grocery list in my head and wishing that my run was done.

Yoga was something that I always wanted to try, but I thought yoga meant signing up for a public class. I’m not a public class kind of gal. I’m the one who skips the group runs in favor of solo time in my running shoes. I’m the one who wears earbuds and makes little eye contact at the gym. I’m just more comfortable exploring my physical limitations by myself. I can probably blame that on my childhood P.E. classes where I was typically the last kid chosen for a team. I always thought that yoga would be a good fit for my fitness personality because I could do it alone. I also wanted to investigate the ways it involved the mind, body, and soul. I just had to figure out how to learn yoga properly without attending a class.

If you haven’t found the YouTube channel called Yoga with Adriene, it’s time for you to check it out. Her video collection is exactly what I hoped to find on my quest to learn yoga in the comfort of my own home gym. It’s just the computer, my new yoga mat, and me. The great thing about learning yoga through video is that I can struggle without prying eyes. I understand that people probably don’t judge during a public yoga class, but I definitely judge myself. I want to succeed, so I’m putting enough of my own pressure on my performance. I want to look like my yoga instructor doing those poses (yes, I think of her as MY personal teacher even though we’re only friends on my computer screen).

I chose to start with the series of videos called Revolution- 31 Days of Yoga. It was the perfect place to begin my yoga journey. Adriene’s voice is calm and reassuring as she talks me through the daily practice. The pacing is manageable, even for a newbie like me.  When I’m not yet able to master a certain move, she offers options that will help me to get similar effects as I progress with my yoga practice. I’m almost finished with my 31-day revolution and I already feel stronger and more flexible. When her email with the day’s video link pops up in my inbox, it’s like a gift that I can’t wait to open at the end of my workday. It has definitely added another dimension to my workout regimen, one that only enhances my strength training and running.

When I finish this video series, I plan to move into another one. She has so many options available on the channel, plus there’s a website. I’ll attach links to both below. And, who knows, maybe I’ll even build up enough yoga self-confidence to try a public class someday.

Until next time…namaste.



YouTube:  Yoga with Adriene channel

Website:  Yoga with Adriene



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