What If…We Just Keep Doing Our Best

I don’t really have some big picture post this week with connections to life and 💪health and 😍happiness. Honestly, I’m doing the same thing you’re doing- just getting through this 😷pandemic day by day. I’m trying to keep myself healthy emotionally and 🏃physically. Trying to use my brain for something other than figuring out Ozark on 📺Netflix. Trying to stay 💖positive.

There’s nothing 👑glamourous about it. No tricks. We just have to keep pushing through it, wearing those 😷masks, social distancing, and just being 💞kind to ourselves and our fellow citizens of this pandemic-centered 🌎world.

What I want to share this week are just some ☺observations in no particular order. I bet you can relate to a few.😜

  • I am actually doing some of those things that I wanted to do “when I found ⏰time.”
  • I’ve skipped over the ones that I really didn’t want to do- even though they need to be done. Time on my hands hasn’t changed the fact that there are just some chores that I do not want to do- 😬now or later.
  • Fancy bras are overrated. Sports bras are where it’s at- can I get an 🙌amen on that one, ladies? Even better? Tank tops with built-in bras!
  • I do not share my husband’s love for silly 🐕dog videos.
  • There is an endless supply of silly 🐕dog videos.
  • I have managed to fit in (notice I said “fit in” as though I have a busy 📆schedule right now) some kind of 🚴exercise every day.
  • I hope that my daily workout time equals the amount of 🍧🍪snacking-on-the-couch time. I’ll need to put on clothes with buttons and zippers at some point.
  • Certain people on Facebook are the best at 💖encouraging the rest of us during this time. Thank you!
  • Some people on Facebook suck the life right out of me with their negativity. 🚫Stop already!
  • I try to make myself look presentable. Mascara is the key to looking pretty these days. Just mascara!
  • I get dressed at some point during the day, which means that I switch from pajamas to sweats or leggings.
  • I haven’t used my iron in almost 2-months- even for 👕wrinkled clothes. Who really cares right now? They’re clean! It’s fine.img_0749
  • Scented deodorant counts as cologne.
  • My quarantine crew is a lot of 🎉fun! I truly enjoy hanging out with them- although there are a few people I 💜wish I could add to my crew!
  • This has to be unbearable for people who are locked down with 😢uncomfortable or even unsafe conditions at home. 🙏Pray for them!
  • Parents of young👶 kids- you are rockstars! 🌟Thinking back to when I had small children- I can’t even imagine trying to quarantine and keeping my sanity with little ones.
  • Don’t freak out about 📚homeschooling. Think of it as quality time with your kids! Do the 📝work that schools send together, and make it fun! We teachers will know what to do with them when school starts again.✔ You’re not really teaching one-quarter of the school year. You’re showing your kids how to be lifelong learners in any situation.💝 Keep the faith!
  • There is a difference in 🚽toilet paper brands. After having to use whatever I could find, I’m playing favorites when this is over.💯
  • Setting the ⏰alarm keeps my days on track- even if I only move from the bed to the couch. At least I’m up!
  • FaceTime beats a 📱text or voice call- hands down.
  • Watching TV shows and interviews that give sneak peeks into the 🏠homes of celebrities feels like a little bonus for staying home. Jimmy Fallon has a slide in his house?😆 Are you kidding me?
  • Our 🐶dog is living his best life right now.
  • Dinner is sometimes a proper 🍴dinner. Other times, it is chips followed with a 🍧bowl of ice cream- and I’m not sorry about that.
  • I got a cute new 💇haircut the day before the quarantine started. My sweet new hair is just a ponytail now.
  • Dipped 💅nails last longer than I ever imagined.
  • My teenager doing a group Zoom call at 2:00 in the morning? That’s awesome!🎉 Go for it, sister!img_0955
  • My students email me about 🐟fishing or 🎮video games as opposed to the assignments that I send. Fine with me! We all miss those daily school 💖connections.
  • Going to the grocery store 😬freaks me out a little bit. I’m even more worried about the people who have to be there to earn their 💰paychecks. Essential workers are warriors, for sure!🙌
  • My mental health is better on the days that are warm and 🌞sunny.
  • How long do pierced ears stay pierced with no earrings?
  • Puzzles don’t get enough credit in the entertainment world.
  • I hope my students finally understand why I push them to 📚read for fun.
  • I can choose to be 😀happy every day, even if I have moments when I feel 😡grumpy.
  • Pro-tip for 😍positivity- don’t read or listen to only Pandemic stories and statistics. Spice things up! The news will still be there. As a matter of fact, it’ll probably change six times before you get back to it.
  • I always told my kids, “You’re only bored if you choose to be bored.” That is true now more than ever!💯

What if…we just keep doing out best?💖 That will be enough.

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