Self-Care Sunday: Give Back

I’m a firm believer in the whole notion that you get what you give in life. A favorite line from an old Beatles song goes like this:

“the love you take is equal to the love you make”

That’s become a mantra for me over the course of my life.✨I see it play out time after time in the lives of those around me as well as my own.

I know what you’re thinking. There are a lot of bad things that happen to incredible people. 😞That’s true. I can’t explain it. I don’t understand it. Why bad things happen to good people is a question that defies logic. It’s one of those things in life that we’re not supposed to understand. There are plenty of crappy things that have happened to me regardless of my mantra. That’s life, my friends. And, guess what? We all have a choice in our response to it. 💖I’m not saying that you must always have your chin up. That’s not always easy to do. I get it. There are times when you just need an ugly😭 cry to fix your universe. That’s okay. Allow those moments, just don’t live in them.👍🏻

When I think about the idea of giving back, I know that I don’t do it with the hope that I will receive something in return. I do it because it feeds my soul to give. 😍I try to put off positivity 🌟and good energy to those around me because it makes ME feel better. ☺️That may sound selfish, but I also believe that others benefit whenever we give as well.img_9011

Donations are an excellent way to give back to your community. My husband and I spent a fair amount of time organizing items to donate last week as we start the process of downsizing our stuff. There was a LOT of stuff in our 🏠house, too, considering we once had seven people who lived here. With just three people now that our older kids have moved on, it was past time⏰ to donate our excess. We took towels and blankets to the Humane 🐶🐱Society. We gave old toys to a children’s home. We donated clothing 👚👖and household goods to a few different organizations that help those less fortunate. I brought school supplies✂️✏️ to share with students and fellow teachers. We organized business type clothing 👔for a program that provides attire for students who are entering the workforce. We have more to do! There are boxes and bags in our garage just waiting to be donated.

It feels good to get rid of items we no longer need. 😊It feels even better to donate it to worthy causes. Material goods aren’t the only ways to give back, though. Serving others is also a way to give back. Look for those opportunities at your 💒church, the schools, a hospital, or even your neighbors. Freely give 😀smiles and warm greetings. Unabashedly toss out compliments. Maybe even give some advice- wanted or not!😉

Self-Care Sunday tip: give back! 🎁The possibilities are endless. Donate your stuff. Give your time. Share your talents. Just give back in whatever ways you can.💞


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