Self-Care Sunday: Celebrate Love

I’m sitting here in a freezing cold venue waiting for photos to begin. Our son is marrying 💍his bride in just a couple of hours. He’s my oldest stepson. I gained him-and his brother- when Ken and I were married many years ago.img_8314

When we were married, we each brought two kids into our newly blended family. They were so little at the time. All four of them stood at the altar with us. I remember that they were a combination of serious and squirmy while they waited for us to say our vows. Today, one of those little guys will do the same.

I’m fortunate to have love ❤️ in my life. It can be difficult for some to find. I know that it took me a while to find my proverbial soulmate. I’m here to tell you that he was worth the wait.

Marriage isn’t the only way to celebrate love, though. I feel loved by my kids and family. My friends shower me with love. 💞I feel love through chance encounters with folks who offer good will and smiles. My students and co-workers lift me up. My dog wags his tail and perks up his ears every time I walk into the room. img_8316

I know- it’s a gift!🎁 Don’t think for a second that I take it for granted.

Since I’m lucky enough to have so much love in my life, I work hard to share the love. I try to pay it forward every chance I get! 🙌🏻Can you ever have enough love in yourself life? I’m thinking the answer is no.

So- spread love. 💖Celebrate those special people in your life. Send a text- just because. 😍Make a call- just to hear that voice. 📱FaceTime- just to share a smile. 😀

My Self-Care Sunday tip comes from a lyric by The Beatles.

And in the end

The love you take

Is equal to the love you make

💖Think about that for a moment, then get out there and spread some love. It’ll come back in the positive ways that you’ll feel about yourself and those around you!

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