Five States in 18 Hours

I decided to snap some pics as we drove all the way from our garage to the beaches of Daytona in one long haul with just a few short stops along the way. I missed shots of Longhorn Cattle in a field and a Coca-Cola machine graveyard because I was behind the wheel as we passed, but they were definitely sights worth seeing.

Missouri. Kentucky. Tennessee. Georgia. Florida. Five states in 18 hours. I noticed a few things on this road trip.

  • People are friendly! I already knew this, but it’s always fun to interact with folks. It’s especially entertaining to chat with people at convenience stores in the middle of the night. I’m sure those workers have stories to tell.
  • They’re everywhere! I’m talking about Subway restaurants and Dollar General stores. Driving through even the tiniest of towns, you’re going to find one or both.
  • Mother Nature is beautiful! Trees were green. Wildflowers grew along the highways. Rolling hills seemed to go on forever. Mountains and lakes looked like paintings.
  • Mother Nature is fierce!  Although we take this route a few times a year, we saw a lot of flooding on this particular trip. There was water where we’ve never seen it before. There was also damage from winds evidenced by toppled trees and buildings with severe roof damage- even a twisted silo.
  • People need to just drive! It would have been impossible to count the number of drivers actively engaged with their cell phones. Young drivers. Old drivers. Parents with kids in the cars. Driving fancy cars. Driving beat-up cars. Big rig truck drivers with phones propped up on steering wheels. Enough of this already! Pay attention or get off the road! We’re smarter than this, people!!

It’s almost time to put these Missouri toes in the Florida sand. Here are a few shots that were taken with my iPhone X from the road during these 18 hours. You might even recognize some spots. Enjoy!

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