Attention CPAP Users- You Need This

I’ve shared with you my journey of a Severe Sleep Apnea diagnosis and the need for a CPAP to breathe properly during the night. If you’re like me, you understand the benefits of using the machine. You also understand the time it takes to maintain the CPAP. To make sure each use is sanitary, it takes time and effort every single day. Every. Single. Day. Home or hotel. Early for work or running late. Lazy Sunday or busy Monday. It’s necessary. No skipping the cleaning.img_5780

I was hoping for an easier, more efficient way. Soap and water work, but having to disassemble the machine each time- ugh! And, let’s not forget about scrubbing those hard to reach parts with disinfecting wipes. It’s a job to do it right!

I saw the ads for quick cleaning devices, but I was skeptical. I’m still a newbie to the CPAP Community. I figured that CPAP cleaning was just another chore added to my long list of daily chores. Just part of being a person with a sleep disorder.

I was wrong! Hallelujah!!! After doing my homework, I decided that it was time to purchase a SoClean machine with the hope of simplifying my routine. I was banking on the research and reviews that I read prior to placing my order. Thankfully- it was everything I hoped it would be!

There were a couple ways I considered to buy the machine- the company site and Amazon. Both offer pricing options to fit your needs. I chose to order through Amazon Prime because I was anxious to get started. That quick shipping was my deciding factor, but the price was $319 either way. Amazon also offered the option to pay off the total in even amounts over time.img_5781

The SoClean website offers videos and a comprehensive list of FAQs. It thoroughly covers the different types of CPAP machines, including any necessary adapters. I watched a couple of videos to help with the setup that were quick and easy to follow. The next morning, I put the entire mask into the SoClean and closed the lid.

The machine is preprogrammed to do a 7-minute cleaning at 10:00 AM- you just need to set your time zone as a part of the setup. The entire process takes about 2-hours. The red, yellow, and green lights let you know which part of the process is happening inside that magical machine. When the light is red, the buzz is kind of loud, but- really- who cares? That’s a tiny trade-off for the ease of cleaning that takes me out of the equation! I have no idea how activated oxygen cleans and sanitizes my CPAP from 99.9% of germs, but I’m sure glad it does!


There is a slight smell- reminiscent of an indoor swimming pool- when you open the lid after the cleaning process. My mask has an odor, too- not unpleasant. It’s more of a clean smell. Simply turn on your CPAP machine for a few seconds to blow that out, if you like.

There’s a machine for traveling, which will be my next step because we spend a fair amount of time in hotel rooms. Currently, that machine is out of stock on the SoClean site and Amazon. In the meantime, I’ll patiently wait for my next bit of SoClean magic.

If you want to learn more, here’s the link to the SoClean site.

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