My Two Words

I really love the idea of choosing one word to get me through a new year. It provides a focus. It anchors me. It points North whenever I stray.

For 2019, I’m tweaking that one-word formula a bit. I’m choosing two words. I recently read Everybody Always by Bob Goff. Read is probably too fluffy of a word. Maybe analyzed or examined or contemplated or studied, but not simply read. That would infer that I opened the book, read the words on the pages, and enjoyed the message. That wasn’t the case with this particular book.

When I read Everybody Always, it was often during silent reading with my students. I try to model what reading for pleasure looks like because many of my middle schoolers feel that reading is punishment. I may share a quote or story from the books that I read when the timer for our silent reading dings. With this book, my students saw me actively reading- grabbing my pink sticky notes to mark passages that I wanted to read again or share with my family. There were almost too many spots to mark- the lessons are that good, that powerful.

I’ve always tried to be a decent person. I like to see the good in others. I live in a space of positivity. My glass is half-full. As the saying goes, I spread kindness like it’s confetti. I truly believe that people and connections and relationships matter. Have I made mistakes along my journey? You bet! Sometimes they are those colossal missteps that sting when I think about them months later. Sometimes I just can’t seem to get there with another person no matter what I do. I try- really. I do try, but I don’t always succeed.

This book, though, gave me some new lessons. It gave me a few twists on my thinking that it’s time to apply. That’s why my two words for 2019 are the title of this book: EVERYBODY ALWAYS. In all that I do this year, I will keep these two words and the overall message they convey in the forefront of my mind. When I screw up–and, I’ll screw up– I’ll use these words to right my wrongs. When I’m lost, I’ll go back to those pink sticky notes to find my way.img_3719

This year, it’s more than just a word. It’s a better way of living life. It’s becoming love…for everybody always.

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