RECIPE- Sweet Cream Cheese Cups

We had a few of our big kids over for dinner last night. It was actually more of a belated Christmas celebration because it was the first time that this combination of family folks could get together due to crazy schedules. Any celebration should involve delicious food and this was no exception. We also opened a few gifts, laughed loudly, and enjoyed simply hanging out for the evening.

My husband cooked his delicious Chicken Tortilla Soup recipe, which you might remember from an earlier post. He made one pot a bit spicier than the other. The spicier version was a hit! That pot was drained quickly. You know what that means, right? We have the tame version for leftovers. It’s yummy, nonetheless.

My teenage daughter and I decided to make the easiest Sweet Cream Cheese Cups for a light dessert. She was in charge of arranging the fruit after I did the rinsing and cutting. My main job was to combine the mixture and spoon it into the cups. You’ll see the only ingredients that are needed in the photo. I don’t even have true measurements for this one–it’s a kind of taste-as-you-go recipe. Those are always good! Check it out:




  • 2- packages of 6 small graham cracker crust shells (You may not use all of them- depending on how much you choose to add to them.)
  • One- 16-ounce container- Soft Philadelphia Cream Cheese
  • One- 8-ounce container- Cool Whip- thawed
  • Fruit- Washed and cut into smaller pieces, if necessary. Choose your favorites! Berries, pineapple, peaches, grapes- whatever you love!

Mix the entire container of cream cheese with Cool Whip- about 2/3 cream cheese with 1/3 Cool Whip- until blended together. Spoon the mixture into the graham cracker crust shells. Top with your favorite fruit. Chill before serving.


That’s it! This the easiest dessert, yet it tastes delicious! The size of the graham cracker crust cup is perfect for each person to grab one- or more than one- to indulge that sweet tooth after a meal without feeling too heavy.

You don’t have to serve them simply for dessert. I had one for breakfast this morning! Who says dessert has to be after dinner? Besides, the fruit makes it healthy and delicious!




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