I tend to overthink things.🧐 Wait, that’s an understatement. I always overthink things, trying to find every possible angle and each outcome from any decision or action. It’s a lot. 😏 I don’t really verbalize it. Don’t ask for input very often, although I appreciate it when advice is given.πŸ‘πŸ» I just like to work through things– and work and work and work– until I feel confident about my choices.

You wouldn’t describe me as impulsive! πŸ˜‚

All that forethought doesn’t always bring the right decision, though. Even with my need to rationalize and legitimize every alternative, I still end up doing the wrong thing. We all do. πŸ₯° We’re human. It’s fine. πŸ’•

Do you want to know what else is fine? Doing nothing. ❌ You read that right. Doing nothing is often the best and only option. You see, there are things we can’t switch no matter how much we wish we could. So instead of overthinking, just be still. Wait it out. Listen without the impulse to do anything more. To quote ❄️ Frozen, let it go!

Don’t get me wrong. There are times when you absolutely cannot sit back and do nothing. When safety is involved.❗️ When it concerns your health. ❗️When time is precious.❗️ When your inaction means more than just taking a break to someone else.❗️Nothing isn’t always a choice you can make. Pay attention. Trust your gut. You’ll know the difference! 🌟

When appropriate, doing nothing can feel a lot like doing something. Doing nothing can bring an odd sense of relief. ✨ So stop those obsessive thoughts in the middle of the πŸŒ™ night. Just roll with it. Accept what you can’t change. ➑️ Live and let live. ⬅️ Everything doesn’t have to be your fight. Inaction can be the best action!

Allow yourself a moment to do nothing. 🌸 Relax. 🌸 Breathe. As Bob Woodward said, “Sometimes, doing nothing is the best reaction.” And that’s okay.πŸ’–

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