Is It Enough?

Can I tell you about something I don’t have to do now that I’ve left teaching? Intruder drills. I’m sure there are differences in how 🏫 schools practice them, but let me tell you a few things I remember. First, the kids knew about the drills in advance, and it was still 😳 creepy. Classroom πŸšͺ doors had to be locked. (Side note- most teachers keep doors shut and locked all day because, well, you know.😞) Anyway, the lights must be off. Absolutely no noise.πŸ™Š Cram close together and hide in the area of the room that is the farthest from the windows or door. Wait for someone from the office or custodial staff to try to open theπŸšͺdoor to ensure it’s locked, which sounds 😱 scary even though you know who’s jingling the doorknob. Waiting to hear the all-clear on the intercom that seemed to take ⏰ forever.

There were also conversations with classes about what to do if someone entered the room.πŸ€” Can you even imagine what you’d say to prepare your students without frightening them more than they already are? You should hear the comments and questions from kids. They are πŸ’” heartbreaking. But know that kids are smart. They understand what those conversations mean.😫 I’ll tell you this. I just wanted to discuss πŸ“š books and how to use commas, not what items in the room could be used for defense.

Do you want to know the worst part? These drills and discussions are necessary. ☠️ Our kids, teachers, and everyone working in schools must be ready because the threats are real.

You know I try not to get political on my blog. But I don’t understand how killing kids and people who work in education is political. Or people at church. Or the grocery store. Or a concert. Sadly, infuriatingly, the list goes on.😒 We should all care. I’ll never understand why everyone doesn’t care.πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

So I guess I just have one question. When is enough enough?πŸ’–

PS- I’ll delete insensitive or political comments, so please keep them to yourself. And don’t talk about single points of entry in schools. That comment just lets educators know how much you don’t understand.


  1. Hello. Are you in America? I live in England so don’t really understand all the arguments made in these circumstances. I just know that I would struggle if I felt my kids hadn’t been safe in school. That these sort of drills were a part of school life, as routine as a fire drill. You are so right when you say we should all care x

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    1. Hello! Yes- I am in America. Even though I live here, I don’t understand all of the arguments either. It seems simple to me that we should do whatever it takes to solve the problem. Thanks for reaching out!


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