Give Yourself a Moment

If I’m on the trail, a podcast or 📚audiobook comes through my AirPods. When I hit the gym, I stream a show on the treadmill or elliptical. My choices are just for me. I don’t have to base my selections on anyone else. It’s my time, after all.🥰

Maybe that’s why I am surprised by those at the gym working out while working.🙄 Take this guy on the treadmill yesterday. He hopped on the machine, fixed the settings, popped earbuds in his ears, and started to 🏃🏻‍♂️run. He wasn’t there 🕐five minutes when he began talking loudly through his 📱phone- loud enough for me to hear over my own show playing in my ears. His conversation was clearly job-related. His run quickly changed to a slow walk, which continued for the rest of his time on the treadmill. He finally got off- still engaged in the loud phone conversation- and moved to the weight benches, following the same routine of workout/work there.😬

I felt for the guy. 😏For some reason, he couldn’t exercise without working. Why? Is the pressure of his job too much?🤔 Are there unrealistic expectations? 🤔Was he hoping to carve out some time for himself that simply didn’t work? 🤔Truth be told, I’ve seen this same guy do the same routine many times.🙄

Here’s the thing- we all need moments to unwind. Time to relax. It’s okay to set aside something for yourself.💯 But, more than that, it’s essential. You can’t drive with a flat 🛞tire, right? It’s necessary to stay pumped up. So, why do we feel guilty when we make the time? 🤷🏻‍♀️The job issues can wait until the workout is finished. Laundry can sit in the dryer. Dinner can be carry-out. Messages can be checked later. If you really think about it, very few things have to be done with specific time parameters.💥 Taking a break for yourself is possible- if you allow it.

Maybe you can’t read the entire 📕book, but you can enjoy a chapter. You can listen to your favorite song or walk around the block. 🎨Paint. 📝Write. Soak in a bubble 🛁bath. Watch an episode of your favorite show without multitasking throughout it. Curl up with your favorite blanket and take a power 😴nap. Sit on the porch and listen to the 🐦birds. Don’t wait for your 🛞tires to be flat before making time for yourself. We all need air. Give yourself those moments to breathe. Your world will wait for you.💖

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