Just Do It

I’ve spent a lot of time in the gym this ☀️summer. While I love hitting the trail, I head for an air-conditioned spot to exercise when🌡temperatures are high. My husband 🏃🏻‍♂️runs outside no matter what, even when we experience heat index numbers in the 100s. Not me.

I’ve noticed a 🦠nasty little trend at the gym. If you’ve ever been to a gym, you know the rules. When you finish with a piece of equipment, you 🫧clean it. Right? Sounds simple enough. I’m here to tell you that a whole bunch of gym users skip that step.🙀 The number of times I watch folks hop off machines without cleaning is mind-boggling! My favorites are the ones who skip around to several machines and clean absolutely none of them.🤬

Do they think the rest of us don’t notice? 🧐We do! Do they think it’s inconvenient to get the cleaners? Not at my gym- there are towel dispensers with spray 🫧cleaners located throughout the place for easy access. Do they think it takes too much ⏰time? It takes about a minute for me to get the supplies and clean my machine. C’mon- a minute!

Do they think the rules don’t apply to them? This is my worry. That concern goes beyond the gym. Have you seen this, too? People who know the rules and choose not to follow them.😖 Behave like you care about those around you. We’re all sharing this space together, you know. We need to remember that.

➡️Take up only one space in the parking lot.

➡️Don’t cut in line.

➡️Be ready to order when it’s your turn.

➡️Talk quietly on your phone in public places. Or just text- even better!

➡️Clean up after yourself regardless of where you are!

➡️Let another car come into the lane.

➡️Put up the grocery cart.

➡️Don’t spit gum on the sidewalk.

➡️Take turns.

➡️Pick up your trash.

➡️Respect others- especially those who are different from you.

➡️Pay attention when responding to group emails. Reply or Reply All? Think about it!

➡️Step back from others in public spaces. Stay out of those personal bubbles.

➡️If you use it all, replace it! Whatever it is.

➡️Remember that your rush isn’t someone else’s problem. Patience!

➡️Be a good human.

We all know what to do. It’s not difficult. We can do better if we put our minds to it. Let’s do it.💖

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