Carve Out Time

There’s a difference between being busy and busyness. If I lose ⏰hours in my day because of scrolling 📱social media or watching every contestant perform on American Idol, that’s busyness.😬 My time is filled, but I’m not accomplishing anything of value. Maybe a little mindless fun, but nothing that needed to be ✅checked off my list.

Busy is different. Busy includes the things on my list- the 📝list that keeps growing. I check off 1️⃣ item and add 1️⃣0️⃣ more. I knew this time of year would be busy because our youngest is 🎓graduating, and I’m closing out my 📚teaching career. But- holy cow- it’s a lot! I like to 🏃🏻‍♀️exercise daily, and I couldn’t fit it in once last week. Not one time!😟 There are stacks of papers on the counter just waiting to be handled. Those 🗂stacks are growing. It’s bedtime before I even realize the sun has gone down.🌛 Busy, I’m telling you.

I want to do everything that needs to be done. It’s the rushed feeling that I don’t enjoy. 🙃It’s the worry that I’ve forgotten something that makes me uncomfortable. 🙃 It’s expectations placed on my shoulders from others who don’t know what I’m already trying to deal with. 🙃 And there are the lists. My lists are only as good as my memory when I write them. I’m not sure I can count on it right now. Busy, it feels like too much.

I’m going to conquer this busy season, though. 💪🏻Over these next few weeks, I need to make space for savoring this ⏰ time. Like it or not, ⏰ time doesn’t stand still. But I can try to slow it down a little bit. I can ✅check off some items and breathe- even if I add a few more. It’s time to 🔍refocus on the significant stuff and put the rest on the back burner. That stack of papers can wait.

Over these few short weeks, there’s a whole lot of significant stuff. Our daughter is graduating.🎉 I’m retiring.🎉 Our kids who live farther away are coming into town from Orlando and Chicago to celebrate- we haven’t seen them in person for months. 🎉If you need me, I’ll apologize early because these things and my people will take precedence right now. ⏰Time is a thief. ⏰Time also waits for no one. That’s precisely why I’m carving out ⏰time. I’m moving away from the busyness and getting busy with the things that matter. I won’t get this time back. Maybe you need some time, too. What if…you carve out some time for the significant stuff in your life?💖

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