What If…You Have Chicken Nacho Moments

I’m sure you have moments that stick out to you. Memories that aren’t about anything grand, but they’re big in your mind. 😍Sometimes, those smaller moments are the ones that change us the most. One of my best memories involves chicken nachos.

You see, I had some tough years in early adulthood. 🩺Major health challenges to overcome. 🤔Complicated relationships to understand. Balancing 📚work and ❤️family- and fretting over the fact that it wasn’t a perfect balance. 😩I was stressed and anxious and overwhelmed by life. ☠️You might relate to some of those things. I was struggling in silence until I couldn’t do it any longer. I had to change, and I did- with a bit of help from a medical issue that resulted in a coma and an ✨epiphany.

Change is hard, friends. The unknown is much more complex than letting life as we know it continue.💯 I knew how to fake it throughout my days with a 😃smile. I didn’t know how to make the necessary changes, but I figured it out. I was unsteady in my steps, hoping I would find my way. Then, Ken came along when I least expected it and most needed it. 🥰Many of you know that we first met in 8th grade, although it had been decades since we had 👀seen each other. We had completely different lives in two different cities. Yet, it didn’t take long before realizing that our lives were meant to be spent together. That came with a new set of challenges- moving, blending families, and everything that comes with that. 😳

A simple moment stands out from this time in my life. One of those small moments that hold much larger significance. I was visiting him one weekend. Nothing special was planned- just time together. We ordered Mexican take-out for dinner. We took the container of chicken nachos to the family room and placed it on the floor. We sat down- leaning against the chairs as we ate with our fingers. We didn’t really talk because 🎶music was playing in the background. 🍬HARD CANDY by Counting Crows. Ken looked at me as he reached for another nacho and 😊smiled. Just 😊smiled, and that smile somehow let me know that everything would be okay. He didn’t have to say a word.🥰

And, it has been more than okay. 🌈That doesn’t mean we haven’t had our share of difficulties. ⛈Life has thrown some zingers our way, but we always work together to ensure things will end up okay. 👍🏻That’s a pretty great way to live after years of adversity. 💕Soothing. 💕Comforting. 💕Reassuring.

What if…you have chicken nacho moments? I sure hope you do. They are delicious.💖

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