Notes for Life

When my older kids graduated from high school, I shared written words with them. The writings were intended to be notes for life- geared towards each of them and those specific personality traits that make them the beautiful people they are. Now, it is Angelina’s turn. I wanted to share some of those words with you, too.

Here are a few things to keep in mind in these next chapters- given with love and admiration.💖

🎓Your faith will take you where you are supposed to be.

🎓It’s okay to make mistakes. Don’t be afraid of failure. There are essential lessons in those moments. Learn them and keep moving forward.

🎓Buy the shoes.

🎓Protect your peace.

🎓Get comfortable with the idea that growth brings change.

🎓Order dessert whether you ate dinner or not.

🎓Ask questions. Keep asking until you get the answers you need.

🎓As we read in Ecclesiastes, “For everything, there is a season.” Some seasons are tough. Others are beautiful. All of them are necessary for a well-lived life.

🎓Look for moments to lift others. Ultimately, it will lift you, too.

🎓Be present in your life. Don’t get so involved with the busyness of your days that you miss the subtle, special moments.

🎓Lead with grace regardless of the situation.

🎓Take the vacation. Never pass up the opportunity to experience new places and different cultures.

🎓There is always a reason to hope.

🎓Stay up late enough to see the sunrise sometimes.

🎓Always run your own race. You are only competing against yourself.

🎓Forgive, even when it’s hard.

🎓Let kindness always go before you because people remember how you make them feel.

🎓There will be hills and valleys in your life, and there are gifts in both. Keep your eyes open so you can see them.

🎓Love God. Love people. Love yourself.💖

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