What If…You’re Undistracted

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was part of the launch team for the new 📒book, UNDISTRACTED, by Bob Goff. When I saw the applications 💻online for this opportunity, I wanted in! You are missing out if you haven’t experienced Bob through one of his books, his Dream Big podcast, or a speaking engagement. Who is Bob Goff? He’s equal parts of 🤔wisdom and 🥳goofiness with a heaping helping of ❤️love. You will smile as you read his words. You won’t be able to help yourself. Trust me! 😊

I stumbled on to Bob years ago when I searched to find 🌟joy and purpose in my life. Reviews and recommendations led me to EVERYBODY ALWAYS, which was exactly what I needed. My copy is full of pink highlighter and sticky notes and dog-eared pages. I’ve read and reread that thing! I give copies as 🎁gifts. I suggest it to people looking for some 🌟joy and purpose of their own. It’s a winner, for sure.👍🏻

Bob also knocked it out of the park with his newest venture, UNDISTRACTED. Let’s be honest- aren’t we all feeling at least a little distracted?🙋🏻‍♀️ I am far too distracted much of the time. My mind starts working through the entire day when my ⏰alarm rings. I like to think I can multi-task, but I’m probably just distracted by each one! And, the 📱phone! My goodness, that thing can suck hours out of a day! Hours that I want to get back.🎉 We’re all distracted by something, and we need to bring life back to our lives.

Enter UNDISTRACTED. I found real applications through Bob’s insights to bring my world into focus. The book offers relevant considerations that steer toward an undistracted life. I’ve already applied some tips. 🙌 Am I still distracted? Sure- but I’m doing a better job of recognizing & managing distractions thanks to this book!

Take a look at a few quotes from UNDISTRACTED that really made me think:

💛”Sometimes we are so busy looking up and looking forward trying to figure out the next moves in our lives–or looking backward at all the places we have been–that we don’t look down and figure out where we actually are.”

💙”Don’t get distracted by the safety of the familiar or by the scripts and expectations everyone else has for your life.”

💛”Distraction steals our awareness, and living this way steals our joy.”

💙”The people who live wildly purposeful and joy-filled lives act first and ask questions later. They know that concocting a master plan can really be just a distraction in disguise.”

Here’s my favorite line from the book:

💛”Come home to yourself.”

Aren’t those powerful words? Living an undistracted life can help you do that. 💯What if…you’re undistracted? My guess is that 🌟joy will be easier to find. Peace will feel attainable. And, you can come home to yourself.💖

Grab your copy today- available anywhere books are sold.

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