What If…We Try

I’m kind of at a loss for words. I know what you’re thinking. It won’t last forever.😂 There’s just a lot on my mind. It’s difficult to sort it all out, to find the right words. There’s probably a lot on your mind, too. Our community is reeling from a horrible situation that resulted in the loss of two police officers.😢 Friends have lost loved ones. 😢And- then there’s Ukraine.😢

I recently watched a video of a little Ukrainian girl. She sang “Let It Go” from ❄️FROZEN in her native language from a bomb shelter. That beautiful voice of innocence brought tears to my eyes. Then, I logged onto 💻Facebook, which was full of complaints about the cost to fill up the 🚗tank. Yeah- you read that right. The little girl chose to 🎶sing in a bomb shelter! Meanwhile, we decided to make a fuss about gas prices.🤔

I get it. I feel that same 😬frustration over the rising prices. I also feel something else, and I hope you do, too. It feels weird to go about my day doing all of the usual, often trivial things, knowing that people are being slaughtered on the other side of the 🌏globe. The images and interviews are gut-wrenching.😭 We have the choice to look 🙈away, but we shouldn’t. Since gas prices are a concern, I’ll use a 🚗car reference- how about we lay off the horn? Grumbling about price increases doesn’t fix the problem, and it doesn’t help our 🌏global neighbors who are suffering. Instead, use that energy to come up with ways that you can help your situation and the plights of others.👍🏻

Friends, there are only two words that I want you to remember from this post: empathy and compassion. We can count our blessings that we’re not 🎶singing from a bomb shelter. We can live our lives- maybe even complain sometimes. And, we can do 😍better. We can live with empathy and compassion for the immense struggles of others. What if…we try? It shouldn’t be that difficult to try.💖

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