What If…We Rest

I had a hard time falling 😴asleep last week. Sleep has been an issue for me in the past. I discovered through a sleep study that I have severe sleep apnea. It turns out that your body and brain like to have oxygen during the night. I would somehow click the 🚫shut-off button for breathing while asleep, depriving myself of that precious oxygen. Using a CPAP or Bongo Rx device for expiratory airflow saved my sleep. Now, I feel rested and oxygenated. ✅

Not last week, though. I felt tense. 😬My shoulders and neck were tight. I had headaches. And, my brain just wouldn’t empty when my head hit the pillow. 🙄I didn’t even have any big decisions to consider. This was a relatively slow week- as far as activities and responsibilities went. So, why couldn’t I shut off my brain and just fall asleep? Why did I have to see every hour on the ⏰clock?

You want to know the ridiculous part about my sleepless 🌛nights? I couldn’t stop thinking about things that didn’t matter. Things that I couldn’t handle in the middle of the 🌛night. Things that would probably be different by the ☀️morning. Things that I had no control over.🤷🏻‍♀️

None of that mattered at ⏰2 o’clock in the morning. None of it! And, yet…there I was tossing and turning and hoping that I wasn’t keeping my sweet husband awake.

I think the fact that it was an easy week was part of the problem. Our fall 📆schedule has been filled to the brim. All the way to the top, sometimes spilling over. Most 🌛nights- I fell asleep about the same time I pulled up the blanket. I was too 😴tired to worry about the silly stuff. I had to catch some winks so that I could wake up and do it all again.💪🏻

When I’m unable to fall asleep, I usually try to at least 😴rest. I make sure my body is still with muscles relaxed. I try to clear my mind. I keep my 😑eyes closed. And, just rest. If I can’t sleep, I figure that it is the next best thing. It usually works. Not last week.

So, here’s what I say about the weekend. What if…we rest? 😴It’s important, you know. It’s just as important as all of those activities that fill up the calendar. 🥱Let’s wind down. Take a moment. Enjoy some peace and quiet. 💤Be still. Everything will be there when we’re ready to tackle whatever the 🌎world throws our way. 😴Rest up, friends! There’s a new week coming at you!💖

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