What If…You have Scars

I have a scar that goes across the middle of my neck. It’s front and center- just below my 😀smile and my chin. The scar is the result of surgery to remove my thyroid due to a tumor. I’m fine- it was years ago. 👍🏻The side effects from that surgery are honestly minimal- the type of things I quickly learned to handle. ✅

On the other hand, the scar was something that I thought would be a big deal forever. 👹I mean- it’s right there! Just look at me, and you can 👀see my scar. Following my surgery, I assumed that my scar was all anyone would notice. 😏I thought I was bound to a life with turtlenecks and chunky necklaces and scarves. I know- vain! 😊When you wake up from surgery with a scar going across the width of your neck, you think about things like turtlenecks. Trust me on that one.😉

You know what? I don’t give my scar a second thought now. Sure- I know it’s there. Time has softened the scar along with the negative 😔emotions that once came with it. Occasionally, people- especially kids- will ask about it or make a comment. I see when folks 😳stare (yes- that happens more often than you’d guess!). I notice when people have similar scars because we’re in similar clubs. 🥰Surgery scars are located across the neck for a few specific reasons. My scar can be a conversation starter, for sure. I even have a 🥳party trick with my scar. It makes a 🌊wave across my neck when I swallow! Cool, right?😎

Here’s my point. There was a time in my life when that scar bothered me. 🌧I felt marked. 🌧I thought everyone would know that I was once sick. 🌧I didn’t like the idea that it brought pity or grossed people out.🌧 I hated that I even needed to have a scar. And, now? I see my scar as my trophy. My 🥇medal of personal honor. It is- quite literally- a battle scar. Believe it or not, I am proud of that dang scar! 🏆It shows that I am tough. 💪🏻It reminds me that I can handle whatever life throws at me- and, as I’m sure it has done with you, too, life has thrown some zingers at me.🤩

I’m all about learning the life lessons- no pun intended coming from a teacher. All of our lives have challenging moments. ⏰Time helps. 🍁Seasons change. Those silver linings ✨shine. None of it matters if we don’t stop to learn the lessons. 🎉Celebrate the lessons that bring you glory. There’s nothing wrong with that. Just remember to swallow the lessons that are bitter and chase them down with change.💥

What if…you have scars? We all have them- literally and figuratively. Like it or not, we’re all going to earn more of them. 👀Look for the lessons and learn something from them. Take it from the teacher with the scar. 💖

PS-the photo was taken from the top of Seven Falls in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The scars on the 🌳tree were caused by 🐻bears!

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