What If…We Connect

If you follow my 📝blog or posts on social media each weekend, you know that I put myself out there. 😊I share lessons I’ve learned throughout my life. Sometimes, I ramble about 🤔wonderings or 😳concerns that interrupt my thoughts. But, mainly, I write to 🔁connect with people. I believe that we have so much to teach one another. I use myself and my small 🌎world as an example of that teaching and learning circle.

I receive a variety of notifications each week. Some people click the “like” button. Others write comments or share the posts. Many people choose to 🔁connect through other means, like emails or private 💌messages. I think this gives them the chance to be a little more open without sharing with the 💻virtual world. I value each kind of response and learn from all of them. 🥰My message last week was about scars- those literal and figurative scars that we all earn throughout our lives. Your responses to that post taught me a couple lessons that I’d like to share.

The first lesson was a bit of a 🤩surprise. That the scar across my neck really isn’t the big deal that I thought it was. Even though I grew to be proud of my scar, I assumed people 👀saw it. Guess what? People who have seen me hundreds of times have never noticed my scar! Wow! You know what that means, don’t you? We can relax! 🙌🏻Things that seem huge to us may not be important to others at all. Do you know what people noticed instead of my scar? They mentioned my 😀smile or 🤣laugh or 😍positivity. People saw way past my scar to simply see me. Here’s the good news! That means that people see you, too! 👍🏻So, you’ve got scars. You’ll get more, but they don’t define you!💥

Another important lesson from my scar story is that we all have stories of struggle that need to be heard. 💯Many of your comments and messages had a theme. We need someone to bear witness as we move through the tough times in life. 😔Friends shared vague and specific tales of their own scars, which allowed for that 🔁connection. They thanked me for being honest about my life. Some said that my story gave them a new way to 🤔think about their own scars. If someone’s story speaks to your life, reach out and 🔁connect. I learned just as much from their stories as they got from mine.

“Connection is why we’re here; it is what gives purpose and meaning to our lives.” ~ Brene Brown

What if…we connect? We all have things to overcome. Don’t be afraid to share your stories. 🔁Connecting with others is the 🌉bridge between teaching and learning. So go ahead- cross that bridge and 🔁connect. It’s worth it.💖

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