GoodClaySir- Your New Favorite Etsy Shop

Friends- I recently gave a shout-out for my daughter’s Etsy shop- GoodClaySir- in a post about sharing our gifts. Business is booming! These daisy earrings sold out on the first day that her shop was open! I think everyone was ready for some fun jewelry with a sense of springtime! She is restocking these in the coming days- go to Etsy and grab a pair!

While Mia has made jewelry for me as gifts, I made my first official purchase, and it was delivered today! EEEK! I absolutely love it. I’m a sucker for any kind of hair accessory because I can’t stand to have my hair hanging in my face. The Moon Child barrette is absolutely gorgeous! The clay actually looks grayer in person. I like that! I thought it may have a slight greenish/gray tint from the pics on the Etsy site.

I know I’m talking about my own daughter, but I can assure you that her work is professional and creative. Browse the site. She’ll be adding more original designs over time. If you love handmade jewelry and hair accessories- I think you’ll love her work. Here’s the link.

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