What If…We Share Our Gifts

A friend recently asked about my 📝writing. I’ve always been a writer. I even considered print journalism as a career instead of education. I love the power of words. There’s nothing better than finding a great quote or a pun that makes you think!😍

I’ve written in journals since I was in junior high. I’ve written for websites and 👟shoe companies. I’ve worked with marketing agencies and sites dedicated to 🏃🏻‍♀️running and fitness. Editing work? Yep. I’ve had my own blog for years and published two 📚books. It’s something that I enjoy in my spare time. It might sound crazy, but writing is relaxing to me. I enjoy the process- from conception when I scribble thoughts into a little 🗒notebook that I keep in my purse or the Notes app on my 📱phone to the many times I rewrite sentences to make them better. I love finding new words in the dictionary and thesaurus. Quite simply- it’s my thing.🥰

Everyone has a thing. Something that you’re good at doing. Something that allows for creativity. Something that brings pleasure. Let’s call them 💝gifts.

When my oldest daughter was around three years old, we took a trip to the St. Louis Zoo. It’s one of my favorite 🐘zoos because there are truly animals at every turn. Have you ever been to a 🦓zoo where you walk for miles between exhibits? Not fun! Anyway- after that day at the 🐅zoo, Mia sat down with her crayons to draw a picture. When she finished, that little girl’s drawing showed a mother and baby 🦒giraffe that actually looked like giraffes, and the legs- all eight of them- were layered up perfectly. I was stunned and asked her how she drew that. Her response, “That’s how I see it, Mommy.” I was an adult, and I couldn’t have drawn those 🦒giraffe legs better than she did. I knew at that moment that Mia had a 💝gift. She continues to be 🎨artistic as a young adult. It’s her thing.

We all have those things that just come naturally to us. Some are discovered early in life. We stumble onto others later. It doesn’t really matter how we find our 💝gifts. What matters is that we share them. We’re all designed differently, which means that we bring unique talents to the table of life. Whether it’s on a 🎭stage or a 🏐court, in the pages of a 📚book, or hanging on a 🎨wall, our gifts should be recognized and valued.

In this pandemic-focused year, Mia found creative outlets to pass the time. During the lockdown, she designed and made 😷masks before larger companies sold them. Mia and her roommate planned doorstep deliveries with home-baked 🍪goodies presented in themes like Disney Park 🍿snacks or Waitress the Musical treats while everyone was stuck at home. She taught herself to play the ukulele. She created Disney ears. And, most recently, she opened up an Etsy shop with polymer clay jewelry and accessories. With a 🎉celebration of talent in mind, I’m proud to show you some of Mia’s latest creations. Take a 👀peek at a few items you can find when you follow this link to GoodClaySir on Etsy.

Have you discovered your 💝gifts yet? You have some, you know. Experiment. Take some risks. Try something new. Do you see the world from the 🎨artist’s view, like Mia? Maybe you’re an amazing 💐gardener. Perhaps no one bakes a more delicious 🍎apple pie than you do. How about your 📸photography skills? You may even be the best listener with advice that never fails. What if…we share our 💝gifts? It’s our special talents that make the world a more beautiful place. Get out there and do your thing. We need you!💖

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