What If…We Don’t Sweat It

There’s a jewelry 💎box on top of the dresser in our bedroom. I keep all of the usual stuff in there- earrings, necklaces, bracelets, 💍rings. I have some treasures that my kids made for me when they were young- plastic beads sharing the space with the real gold and sterling silver pieces. 🥰It’s kind of organized. I can find the pair of earrings I need or the necklace I want to wear with a little searching. 🔎The top of the wooden box always has at least one sticky 🔖note. Often, there are two or three notes stuck to the top.

These notes have handwritten lists📝 on them. I have a thing about lists. I like to write them because I think it helps me to remember important tasks that I need to do. ✅I make shopping lists for the grocery store.✅ I write packing lists before traveling. ✅When I accomplish a line of words on the notes, I cross through it horizontally. ➡️When I cross off a few things in a row, I make a vertical line through those. ⬇️Sometimes, I even color-code them. 🤣These tricks help me to quickly 👀see what’s left on the list. I know- it’s a process that I have become dedicated to over the years.

While the lists help me 🤓visualize when I have achieved a goal or made the 📱phone call or scheduled that 📅appointment, I think those lists might also add another chore to my days. 😏And- taking the time to cross off those things as I do them? Yep- more ⏰time that could be considered wasted. Still, I love my sticky notes!

If there’s one thing that drives me crazy, though, it’s wasted ⏰time! I like to think that I am organized. I try to reason through my chores for the most logical, efficient order before doing them. I wake up 🌤with plans of what I need to do. Every. Single. Day. It’s a pressure I put on myself. I’m aware of that. 🙋🏻‍♀️I’m just not very good at relieving that pressure.

There are days when I complete every item on my list. 🎉I take that sticky note off the top of the jewelry box, wad it up, and toss it in the 🗑trash- only to replace it with another. There are other days when I don’t cross off anything. Not even one!☹️

You, too?

Sometimes, my days just feel like I’m shuffling things around without truly making any progress. 😬Life can be messy. Those plans I make can be thwarted in a heartbeat. Even on my best days, I feel scrambled at some point. Guaranteed! ‼️

I think the real ❓question is why? Why do I feel that way? Why are the expectations I put on myself so tough to meet? And, why don’t I just cut myself some slack? ⁉️

If I’m 🍀lucky, I’ll have another day to try again. That’s really all I should expect of myself- that I tried. That I kept my head above water with a good 😍attitude and a loving 💖heart for those who cross my path each day. So what if those notes stick on the jewelry box a little longer? I know that I will make sure that critical things happen- always. If the little things have to wait, so be it. My world doesn’t need to end. As my dad used to say, “Don’t sweat the small stuff.”

Sometimes, I sweat the small stuff. 😏

What if…we don’t sweat it? Not all of it. Not every day. We can do that, you know. 💯My daughter has a letter board in her bedroom that currently reads, “Let whatever you do today be enough.” Sounds like a good plan to me!💖

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