My Teenager’s Pandemic Diary- Vol. 5

This is the fifth diary entry written by my teenage daughter. For a virtual history class assignment, students are asked to write about the experience of living through a pandemic. (You can find Volume 1 HERE! I’ll continue to post her entries in order throughout this crisis.)

Week of April 13:

Weeks are starting to slow down and blend in with each other. If someone were to ask me what day it is, I would definitely have to check before I told you. Easter just happened, and it was the weirdest holiday I have ever had. Normally on Easter, my family would attend church, and then have a brunch together after to celebrate. This year obviously looked a little different. We watched an online church in our living room, and we FaceTimed other family members since we couldn’t actually spend time with them. img_0917As I sit and realize how different life is becoming, it makes me very fortunate for the technology we have been given. If it weren’t for phones to communicate so easily and apps like Zoom, FaceTime, Google Hangout, etc., this time would be very hard. I am very fortunate in the home I am in for this pandemic, but I am starting to go crazy not being able to see my friends. Though we have ways to communicate, it’s not the same as hanging out, laughing, hugging, and making memories together. I will be excited when I can see them again.

As this week wrapped up, my classmates and I received some good news. On Friday we got a letter from MSHSAA, which is who regulates school sports and activities. They put out a statement about possibly holding spring sporting events in summer. This gave us student athletes some hope of competing together and showcasing our hard work. There is no official news yet, but in times like this when things are limited, this kind of news helps keep you going. 


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