What If…We Work Together?

These last few days have been a 🎢rollercoaster ride. I don’t need to tell you that. The scariest thing is that we can’t get off. It’s like we had a Fast Pass that also included unlimited rides- and the 🎢track goes different directions each time. I want off, but that little lap bar is holding me tight. 😬I know you get it. Every single one of us is feeling 😢😯something right now. Something that we have never felt before because this is something we haven’t experienced before. We’re also 🙏hoping that this is the one time we’ll ever have to go through a pandemic of this magnitude.Screen Shot 2020-03-20 at 4.48.45 PM

Sitting here at my kitchen table, which is one of the many spots that I’m alternating throughout the house as a way to keep things interesting, I’m thinking about the lessons I’ve learned so far. Some are 🌺beautiful. Some are 😢sad. Some are 🙏inspirational. Some make me 😠angry. It’s all there- playing out by the hour in real-time by real people. This isn’t a 🎥movie, folks. This is us!

  • People are smart- I am blown away by the amount of 📚information that people are absorbing. There’s a lot to comprehend, yet we’re doing our best to learn it and use it. I’m thankful for all of the medical professionals who are sharing their 🔬knowledge. We need that more than anything right now.
  • People are kind- Neighbors helping neighbors. 😍Strangers delivering supplies to those who cannot or should not get out. Stores setting aside specific ⏰hours just for the elderly to shop for essentials. School systems making sure that children get🍎foods to nourish their little bellies and 📚learning activities to feed their brains.
  • People can suck- While most people are doing their part to help during the pandemic, we know that folks are also 😠hoarding much-needed 🚽toilet paper and cleaning supplies. Some are even reselling those items for profit. There’s a special place in 🔥hell for them!
  • People are gullible– I know that we all want to have hope. That is 🔑key to getting through this time. But, if gargling salt and vinegar water would truly ❌eliminate the coronavirus, don’t you think 🔬medical professionals would be telling us to stock up on those items? Hold onto hope, for sure. Just don’t let it be false hope.
  • People are anxious- My hand is in the 🙋air for this one! There are moments that it all feels too 😬overwhelming, too 😯big, too 😱frightening. I’m living day-to-day because I don’t know what the future holds- and I’m kind of afraid to find out. There are also moments when I feel 🌄peaceful- knowing that I’m doing what I can do. Hoping my family is safe. Trying to keep the 🙏faith. It’s all part of the 🎢rollercoaster ride that I can’t get off.
  • People don’t understand- My mother lives in a senior living apartment complex where the residents are on lockdown and social distancing. The staff is doing an 🎉outstanding job, but I’m not sure the residents- or people in similar situations- understand exactly what it’s like for the rest of us. My mom and I were having a discussion yesterday about the 🚫empty shelves at grocery stores and the ❌closed restaurants and shops. It is difficult to comprehend unless you actually see it. I’m thankful that she doesn’t have to search for supplies. Another 😬frustrating thing is the notion that this is political. A gentle reminder -germs don’t care about your political affiliation or your 💰social class or your age or where you’re from 🚫Stop kidding yourself. Follow the CDC guidelines to stay safe no matter who you are! Got it?img_0688
  • People are creative- I’ve seen some incredibly 💥creative solutions to these long days at home. My son is using the time after his layoff while locked down in Chicago to design and sell personalized “Quarantine Virtual-Postcards” for just $10.  (Want to order one? Drop me a message!) Friends held the “first annual biathlon” for their kids that included bibs with numbers and tape for the winner to 👟run through. I’ve seen posts about 🎨art shows, and 🎭talent shows happening in living rooms. One friend had a cooking class with her kids- their homemade 🍕pizza looked delicious!img_0677
  • People want to help- Finding a way to help gives a ✨positive place to put our energy. It’s tough to sit around our homes all day long. Talk about First World 🌎Problem -this is the most accurate example ever for that! We can do this, though. 💪There are Facebook groups set up to help with every angle, from 🍝food to 📚learning to 🚽toilet paper supplies. There’s a drive-in having ⛪church services. I’m able to work with my students virtually. We’ve had a class blog going all year called Middle School 🍧Scoop. I’ll continue to add posts as students send their writings to me.
  • People need help- If you have a friend with a small business, do whatever you can to support them. If you’re still getting a 💰paycheck, remember those people who depend on us to 💸pay their bills. Purchasing gift cards to use later is a great idea!Screen Shot 2020-03-21 at 11.50.33 AM
  • People need each other- While you’re trapped in your 🏠home, make it fun. Play 🎲games. Cook 🍴together. Binge-watch a new 📺series. Maybe you can’t visit your friends, but there are plenty of ways to connect. Reach out! Now is the perfect time for 📱social media and FaceTime!

What if…we work together? This 🎢rollercoaster ride will stop at some point. In the meantime, say 💜thank you to the helpers. ❌Don’t spread information that gives false hope. 🌟Practice social distancing. 💞Love your neighbor! Let someone else get a pack of 🚽toilet paper!

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