My Survival Guide to Social Distancing

Routines are comforting to me. I appreciate things that I can count on. Since my typical days- like yours- have been turned upside down and inside out, I’ve had to rethink my days. Teachers like me will be performing other tasks besides teaching in a physical classroom since the kids are out. It is unclear to me at this point what that will look like- but our district is mindful of the recommended guidelines. I wholeheartedly believe that social distancing is key to this pandemic. For now, I’m hoping to get through this topsy-turvy time with a plan.img_0642

  1. Make a schedule– Plan out the days. I have lots of time on my hands right now- and it could be that way for the foreseeable future. There are closets to clean, cabinets to reorganize, and a garage to declutter. I won’t even try to do it all in one day. I’ll break the big jobs into smaller ones and space things out a bit.
  2. Make an effort– It would be so easy to become a slug. If I’m being honest- that’s pretty darn tempting. Set the alarm. Shower. Groom for the day. Stay away from nasty, old sweats. Being lazy is awesome when it’s a vacation or a typical weekend. This has the potential to be a lot longer than that. Don’t let yourself go just because you’re not around people.
  3. Read Find something besides your social media feeds to read. Books, recipes, magazines, newspapers- anything! I have four books lined up- setting aside time to read each day.img_0652
  4. Move– Don’t be tempted to hang out on the couch for days. If the weather is nice, go for a walk. If not, set up a place inside to stretch. Use canned goods or other items in your home for free weights.  Find online workouts- Yoga with Adriene is awesome! Walk the perimeter of your house-inside or outside! Do lunges while watching TV. Just move! You won’t be getting in the usual movement if you’re not working, so make the effort.
  5. Think– It’s essential to keep the brain active, too. Play some board games. Learn a new one. Have you ever tried backgammon? We love it! Do puzzles. There’s an online option for this at JigZone. Word searches and crosswords are great choices! We even have Bananagrams set up on the table as kind of a “living game.” We walk by and add a word or two.img_0649
  6. Eat wisely– This one is tough for me. Our cupboard has healthy options, but I always seem to reach for the junk! Plan meals and snacks. Don’t eat out of boredom. Drink lots of water. The ice cream isn’t off-limits- but should probably be limited. Think about the possible lack of movement and exercise.
  7. Sleep– Maintain a regular sleep schedule. Go to bed and wake up as you would normally do. Don’t let your body get completely off track.
  8. Connect– Use whatever means you have to stay connected to friends, family, and co-workers. Voice calls. Emails. Texts. Social media. I have been trying to teach my mom how to use FaceTime for awhile. She’s tried it several times- but we only saw the top of her forehead because she wasn’t sure how to hold her phone. She finally got it, which is great because she’s not able to go out right now. Seeing and talking with loved ones really opens up the world!
  9. Get Crafty— Sketch. Paint. Write. Color. Sew. What have you wanted to learn? For me, it’s knitting. I’ve had the supplies forever- just never sat down long enough to learn it. Now just might be the time to dive in.
  10. Stuff the Needs to be Done– I don’t know about you, but there are just some things that I know I need to do and never make the time. Want the perfect example? Cleaning out the photos and videos on my phone! Or how about deleting old emails and organizing files on the computer? I can even do those chores while binge-watching Netflix from my couch! See- it can be okay to hang out on the couch!

These are crazy times, friends. I don’t know if my plan will work, but I have to try something. As the situation changes, I know my new routine will change. Stay positive- and stay healthy!

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