What If…We were Awesome Co-workers

Our oldest daughter is a coordinator in the Magic Kingdom at Disney World- specifically in 👑Fantasyland. Disney cast members are well trained to make sure 🔮magic is made for guests every day. They are also trained to be there for each other on the job. When a seagull pooped on Mia’s head at the Little Mermaid ride the other day, she used her radio to let another cast member know that she needed someone to cover for a moment. She explained that she needed to wash bird 💩poop off her hands and the top of her head. You know what her co-worker did? She laughed. 😂Absolutely cackled- which is exactly what most of us would do if a co-worker said that a bird had pooped on her head! I mean- c’mon- it’s funny! Then, that same cast member made sure that Mia could properly clean the mess.

That’s exactly what should have happened. Friends helping out friends in the workplace.❤️

Screen Shot 2020-01-11 at 10.14.23 PMWe had a similar situation at school on Friday. The forecast included everything from heavy 🌨rain to 🌩thunderstorms to potential 🌪tornadoes all of which were supposed to be followed by sleet, ice, and ❄️snow. Within a 24-hour period! (This is an actual graphic sent out by weather professionals from that day!) Welcome to Missouri!😀The forecast was the topic of conversation from before the school day even started. I’m sure we weren’t unique. It was setting up to be a strange day weatherwise, leaving a lot of folks on edge.😬🙄

In my hallway, there are just three of us. Besides the kids, we see only each other throughout the days unless some other teacher or custodian ventures down our hall. During passing time, we visit as we supervise the students meandering from class to class. As the severe weather moved closer, our conversation turned into 🤔concern for the gal who would have to drive straight into the 🌩❄️weather for almost an hour on her commute home. Along with our principals, we came up with a plan to get her moving a little ⏰early. No one wanted her to be scared or in danger just to get 🏡home. We stepped up to take care of the situation. It wasn’t extraordinary. She would have done the same thing for me.

That’s exactly what should have happened.❤️

I’ve been fortunate to work with some pretty incredible people. Positive interactions started early for me. I worked in an 🍦ice cream parlor as a teenager. We had the best time at work- laughing and joking with one another. The boss understood teens- often treating us to 🍕pizza when the place closed. He would even pay in 💰cash for a shift if you really needed gas money.

If you’re lucky, you have some 💖amazing work friends. Those people who will make sure you get a 🚽bathroom break or help you scrape the windows when it ❄️snows. They let you 😡vent about the craziness of your day because they understand like no one else can. They 🎉celebrate your success as you celebrate theirs.Screen Shot 2020-01-11 at 10.39.05 PM

I’ve had the flip side of that, too. I remember working at places where I didn’t really fit in. ☹️I remember a particular gentleman who would wait outside the bathroom with his arms crossed and a 👿scowl on his face just because I used the potty when he also needed it. I’ve even encountered rudeness from co-workers that left me hurt and confused.😔

I’ve also been blessed to have work friends that moved into the plain old friend category. ❤️When I went through a divorce, they were there for me. When I fell in love, 💍married Ken, and moved away, they celebrated with me. When I had a life-threatening 🏥health crisis, they helped with my mental and physical recovery. When I had 👶🏻babies, they gave advice and hand-me-downs. One friend even knew that I was pregnant with Angelina almost as soon as I did!

That same group looked forward to seeing each other every day, starting off our mornings by 👟walking the halls of the school together. We videotaped 📺Days of Our Lives and discussed the previous episodes as we walked. We ate lunch together and developed a Friday Ritual of watching Friends and Seinfeld tapes on a 📼VHS player in one of our classrooms.

Screen Shot 2020-01-11 at 10.36.39 PMWe spend a lot of ⏰time at work, and we can’t always choose our co-workers. We can choose how we treat each other. My dad always said that I should treat the janitor the same way that I treated the boss. 💝I try to follow that rule in my interactions. We’re just people, after all. It’s not difficult. I’m not doing anything amazing. I’m just being nice. I say hello 😀as I pass people in the hallway. I smile. I make a point to get upstairs to see my friends who are not in my hallway and hear how their day is going.

I’m 🍀lucky, too! I work around a whole bunch of people who do the same. It’s called respect. 👍🏻Whether I’m having a good day or my world is crumbling, my co-workers are there for me. The feeling is mutual. It’s a pretty great thing to have in life!🎉

What if…we were 💖awesome co-workers? Everyone needs someone to 😂laugh when a bird poops on your head or someone who will take your students so you can beat the ⛈storms home. That’s exactly what should happen. Friends helping friends in the workplace.❤️



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