Self-Care Sunday: Chill Out

My birthday 🎂 was the day before Thanksgiving. It was the day I was born in more than one way. I was actually born on the day before🦃 Thanksgiving, so it was truly the same day. I was born the week that John Kennedy was shot, and my mother remembers watching the TV 📺coverage from the hospital. Her Thanksgiving dinner that year was served on a tray from the cafeteria. I’ve always thought of my birthday and Thanksgiving as one and the same. Turkey, mashed potatoes, and pie rather than a birthday meal. As an adult, my birthday is typically celebrated🎉with family on Thanksgiving whether it falls on that day or not, depending on the calendar.

There was a time in my life when I wanted to do something 😍special just for my birthday, though. Parties with friends were a big deal as a child. My 🎂cakes either had to be chocolate with white icing or a mint chip ice cream cake. When I turned 16, I wanted to drive 🚗everywhere and anywhere after getting my license. I registered to vote after I turned 18. My friends dragged–yeah, sure- they “dragged” me–to bars on my 21st to use my ID legally🍻🍺 for the first time. I used to make lists for 🎁gifts that I hoped to receive. I carefully planned for the invitations and events.

There was a time when birthdays were a big deal. Not so much anymore. It’s not that aging bothers me. I could do without the need to color my hair as often as I do, but I feel very fortunate to live to see each and every birthday. I choose to live in the moment. 💖I note that another year 📅has passed with gratitude, but I don’t feel more grateful for that one day. Every day is a gift.🎁

The day of my birthday was exactly what I wanted and needed this year. It was a day to ✨chill out. My life moves quickly with a lot of hustle and bustle every day. You can probably relate. I relish every minute of it- even those that make me want to scream at the top of my lungs in frustration. Like I said, every day is a gift.🎁

img_9086With school out for Thanksgiving Break, I woke up with no alarm ⏰clock. I went to the couch with a cup of coffee☕️ to snuggle under a blanket and watch all of the Today Show. No listening to the show as I hurried to get ready for work- I actually watched it! I ate strawberry Pop-Tarts for breakfast- burned just a bit, which is the best way to prepare them if you ask me. You know the ones I’m talking about- with the white frosting and sprinkles. I know- I have the diet of a six-year-old sometimes. When I finally decided to 🚿shower, I used this delicious body scrub with the scent of 🍬peppermint. img_9103I sipped more coffee as I dressed for the day in a soft pair of 👖pants that caused my husband to wonder if they were pajamas. C’mon- I have standards even on a Chill Out Day! I may stay home all day in jammies sometimes, but I put on real pants when I plan to go out in public.

What else did I do on my birthday? I talked with family and friends through 📱texts and FaceTime. I responded to lots of birthday wishes on 💻social media. I hung out with my daughter and husband- running errands and jamming to our favorite 🎼songs in the car. We popped🍿 popcorn. We went out for🍨 ice cream. I chose a peppermint and chocolate chip shake, and it was divine! I didn’t ask for any gifts because I genuinely didn’t want any gifts. My mother thinks that’s weird. Don’t get me wrong. I love gifts. I’ll never turn down 🎁present. I’m not crazy! I just love GIVING them a whole lot more than receiving them. Besides, there’s nothing that I really need.

My birthday gifts🎁 were time to relax, space to breathe, and moments to remember with my family. If you ask me, it was an ideal way to spend my day.😍

Self-Care Sunday tip- chill out. Take a day- whether it’s your birthday or just a regular old Sunday- to relax. Take the deadlines and expectations of life out of the picture for a day. Breathe it in. What if you don’t have a full day to chill out? Grab any time you can and find a way! To quote an old friend, give yourself the 🎁gift of time.

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