Hanging by a Toe-Nail

For those of you who follow my blog, you might remember a little tale about my daughter’s broken toe. During the summer weights program at her high school, a friend and fellow athlete accidentally dropped a heavy weight right on the big toe! (Click HERE if you want to read that one.) The date of the fateful broken toe was July 26, 2019. It’s now late October. That poor girl has had a navy blue toenail on her big toe ever since that date!

It’s been easy enough to cover up with some polish in dark hues. The pain has been gone for weeks. That’s a great thing because Angelina is a volleyball player. She’s been playing one set of the JV games and all of the Varsity games for the entire season. Except for checking it every now and then as well as switching out the polish, she’s hardly given the toenail a second thought.

Until the night before the final game of the regular season.

That’s the night that the toenail started to come loose! It’s now just a big, navy flap of a toenail- hanging on by a bit of skin on one side. I’ll spare you the photo. You can probably picture it!

The timing, though! She almost made it through the entire season with that navy toenail.

That flappy toenail came with a new question. How to play one set of JV and the entire Varsity game AND keep that toenail from coming all the way off during the games? Can you imagine trying to run around on a volleyball court with a renegade toenail digging into your foot? Check out #2 in action to see just how difficult that would have been to do.

img_8670So- we decided to gently tape it- making sure that the tape wasn’t stuck to the nail part. We thought that could cause more problems as her foot moved around within the shoe during the games. It worked! She managed to play the entire night AND keep that toenail right where it was supposed to be. Whew!

Districts are next week. Maybe that toenail will finally be gone by then! Cross your fingers–er, maybe your toes!

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