Self-Care Sunday: Clean Up Your Space

I’ve mentioned more than once lately about how busy this season of life has been. I don’t mean for it to sound like I’m complaining or even that I wish it weren’t so crazy. I’m fully into it! I understand that life isn’t always going to be this busy. There will be days that will be quieter and calmer, and I’m sure they’ll be lovely. For now, though, I’ll take the insane schedule and soak it all up!

This week’s schedule included three nights of volleyball 🏐 games and two evenings of Parent-Teacher Conferences 🤗on top of the usual workdays. There was a bonus at the end of the week. Guess who had the day off on Friday? This girl!! 🎁Guess what I wanted to do on my day off?

Spa? Nope. Massage? Nah. Manicure? 💅🏻No.

I wanted to clean!! Yep- I just wanted to clean! Our house shows signs of the busyness that dictates our world right now.img_8563

Don’t get me wrong. Our house is clean. Laundry 👚👖is washed, dried, and folded daily. That probably sounds like a big fat lie, but it’s not- I promise. Laundry is a priority in our household. I think it’s a holdover from the days of seven people in the house when our kids were little. Even though it’s only the three of us now, we have a lot of laundry- work clothes, school clothes, running clothes, volleyball uniforms, towels, etc. We do an awesome job of working together to make sure it gets done without fail. 🙌🏻The kitchen is stocked. Dishes 🍽are washed because I’m one of those weird people who can’t stand dirty dishes in the sink. Dog 🐶hair is swept up. If you have a Golden Retriever like we do, you know what an accomplishment that is! Bathrooms are disinfected. Clean isn’t our problem, no matter how busy we might be every day.

You know what the real problem is? Clutter! Oh my goodness- the clutter! My daughter’s shoes👟 never seem to make it in the closet. Whatever my husband sticks in his pockets ends up on a shelf near the door to the garage. All of us toss our backpacks 🎒on chairs or the fireplace mantle when we come home each day.img_8608

I’m the worst. It’s true. I hate to admit it, but I really am the worst when it comes to clutter. I glance at mail and paperwork, setting it on the table or the kitchen bar to deal with it later. Meanwhile, the pile that I plan to “deal with later” continues to grow. 📨🗂📂I read that a person should only deal with papers once. Clearly, I didn’t take that to heart.

That’s why I was so excited about my day off. My plan was to enjoy some coffee before getting in a run. Then, it was Mission De-clutter. It didn’t take as long as I thought it would, but I felt so much better when I was finished.img_8606

There’s just something about having your home tidy- or desk or cubicle or wherever your pile the clutter. I feel less stressed. It is calming to me when things are organized and uncluttered. I feel more efficient because just looking at the clutter- and thinking about what I need to do about it-  zaps my energy 😴and motivation. Too much clutter can trigger my anxiety. 😬Clutter is a thief, I’m telling you! It sneaks into your life and robs you of the pure joy💖 of relaxation!

Since my home was officially de-cluttered, I thoroughly enjoyed the rest of my long weekend. Cheers to a clutter-free life. 🎉Cross your fingers that I’ll be able to keep it that way for a least a little while.😉

Self-Care Sunday tip- clean up your space! It’s worth the time and effort.

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