Self-Care Sunday: Blessings

We had a guest pastor at church⛪️ a few weeks ago. It’s always interesting to listen to presenters, new and familiar. I feel like I’m challenged in different ways when I listen to different people. Fresh🌸 viewpoints. Unique 🌟perspectives. Thoughts that may contrast💥my own, which isn’t a bad thing. When someone says something that makes you 🤔think, it’s always a good thing.

That particular guest pastor said something that has made me think for the past several weeks.

You are blessed to be a blessing to others.

That single sentence stuck with me. It seems like a simple notion, but it’s powerful. My blessings 🎁are there to bless others. WOW! I never thought of it in quite that way before.

It makes sense, though. The whole idea of living in😍authenticity. The importance of being connected to others. The practice of 😘kindness. It’s one of those things that’s been in front of me all along, yet I hadn’t put it into those words.

It made me think about my blessings.🎁I’m not talking about the people and things that I’m blessed with in my life. I’m talking about my 💖blessings- those things that are unique to me. My blessings.

When I took the time to really think about it, I definitely have 🎁blessings. I’m not bragging- we all have them. They’re not called blessings for nothing! The really awesome 🙌🏻thing is that our blessings are different. We all bring something to the table.

Here are a few of my blessings that I hope have blessed YOU in some way:Dianne concrete:brick big laugh

  • laughter
  • easy 😃
  • ability to write📝
  • love for people
  • patience
  • calmness
  • positivity🌟
  • love of reading
  • good health🏥
  • logic
  • loyalty
  • kindness💞
  • openness
  • warmth

I’m also blessed with 😬anxiety and 😢vulnerability and indecisiveness. How about my ability to be distracted? Yep- that’s a blessing, too.

You are blessed to be a blessing to others.

Self-Care Sunday tip: think about your 💖blessings. You have them. 💞We see them. Thanks for blessing others!😘




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