Chasing Jonas

I’m prepping for the Jonas Brothers concert this weekend. This is the second time that I’ll be in the audience at a Jonas Brothers concert. The first time was in 2008. My brother gave tickets to my kids for Christmas. I just received a ticket because I was their driver and chaperone. But- hey- I didn’t complain. We even arrived at the venue early enough to tag the tour bus with spray paint, which sounds terrible. It wasn’t, though. It was a fun way for fans to connect with the band as they toured from city to city.


There was an issue with the electronic ticket order that we discovered when we arrived at the gate, but it turned out to be an added gift. The arena in Kansas City opted to give us four FLOOR tickets because specific seats had been sold twice. Floor tickets! My two teenagers thought that was incredible luck. My youngest daughter was only 5 years old at the time, so the floor sounded like a nightmare to her. While Mia and Zane headed to the floor, we ended up finding a pair of seats near an aisle at a height that felt safe enough for a little one’s first concert yet close enough for great views of the stage. I can still see the look on the faces of the folks when I asked if they wanted to trade their seats for floor tickets! Everyone had a blast. Zane and Mia even got to high five Jordin Sparks (the opening artist) and Big Rob while Angelina eventually took out the earplugs. It was a night full of great memories and great music.

img_7445I loved the Jonas Brothers back then, and I love them now. I even loved them in between. The goofy Disney show. Nick with the Administration. Joe with DNCE. Kevin and Danielle’s reality show. Our family has quite literally grown up with the bros.

Since I’m in the pre-concert preparation mode, I decided that I needed to watch Chasing Happiness on Amazon Prime. For this Jonas homework, I put on my running shoes, hopped on the treadmill, and asked Alexa to play the documentary. I thought I knew a lot about the Jonas Brothers for a woman in her fifties. I was wrong.img_7446

Without giving any spoilers, there was a lot more to their story. The documentary was done in a way that explained their past as it chronicled their rise to fame. It also detailed the demise of the band in a way that showed the heart and emotional baggage of each brother. It felt intimate. It gave insights into their thoughts, hopes, dreams, and regrets- both as bandmates and as brothers.

In the end, their search for happiness was something that would probably resonate with all of us. Log into your Prime account and watch for yourself. I bet you’ll relate to the idea of Chasing Happiness and what the Jonas Brothers found on their hunt.img_7450

Angelina and I will be in that audience once again in Tulsa. We’re the last of the original bunch to see the bros. Mia started with the Orlando show in August. Zane saw them in Chicago last weekend- wearing his shirt from 2008! We will complete the full circle Jonas Brothers moments on Sunday!

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