Love It/Hate It

I’m having a ❀️ love/hate πŸ‘Ή relationship with social media lately. I guess hate is a little too strong, but I am starting to wonder about its place in my life. Here’s the thing. I love reading posts from friends and loved ones. πŸ’œ Prom pics? Vacation photos? πŸ’œ The more, the merrier! Funny stories. Heartwarming tales. Brags on your family. Anything about pets. Memories and dreams. I’m here for all of it.

But social media is not life. πŸ˜‰ Not authentic life. We all tend to curate our posts.πŸ™‹πŸ»β€β™€οΈ While social media makes us feel closer, it also takes us away from moments that matter. πŸ”

I’m an open πŸ“– book, literally wrote one to share some pivotal moments in my life. πŸ“ I talk about my journey because we learn from one another. I seek out stories about the successes and struggles of others. It’s comforting to know that we’re not alone. πŸ₯°

I believe to my core that it’s important to live βž• connected! Relationships matter.❗️People matter.❗️Sharing life experiences matters.❗️ But doing it all online? Not so sure about that anymore. πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ Everything in moderation, right?

Can we have virtual relationships? Absolutely! I work from home and only know my coworkers through the πŸ’» screen. Would I know them if I ran into them at the grocery store? Maybe, but maybe not. I couldn’t tell you how tall any of them are! πŸ˜‚ I know what they look like from the shoulders up! 😜 We connect through words written on our computer ⌨️ keyboards or spoken into microphones. I feel like I know many things about them because we take the time to chat and ask questions. However, I don’t πŸ‘€ see those little nuances you get from body language or downtime when you’re not ‘screen-ready.’ I know the snapshots they give to me and vice versa.

So, I guess my point is this. Enjoy social media. πŸ’― Post whenever something feels like it should be shared unless it’s shaming someone or hateful. ❌ Keep that stuff to yourself! No one needs to see it. Seriously! But get out there and live without feeling like you must tell the 🌎 world about it. Hold some things to yourself. Be in the moment, and let the memories in your mind be enough. Enjoy the candy, but remember that you don’t have to share.πŸ’–

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